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How To Knit: Learn French knitting

Learn how to do French Knitting or how to make a tube by using two needles with these two easy guides

French Knitting Bird Pattern

Many of us will remember French knitting (tubular knitting) from our childhood, using a wooden cotton reel as an introduction into knitting with two needles. When manufacturers moved from wood to plastic cotton reels, craft stores like Hobbycraft offered a range of commercial French Knitting dolls.

Follow these simple steps to French Knitting:

1. Begin by threading the end of the yarn through the centre hole.

2. Holding the tail end at the bottom of the French Knitter taut, wind the the working yarn around each peg.

3. Take the yarn round the outside of the next peg, using the small needle provided with your French Knitter lift up the loop on the peg up and over the yarn, thus creating a stitch. Continue making stitches in this way, until the cord starts to appear through the bottom of the Knitter.

4. Work the cord to the required length.

5. To cast off, lift stitch off first peg and place on it’s neighbouring peg.Pull the neighbouring stitch through the past over stitch and take both stitches off the peg and place the just made stitch on the next peg. Continue until one stitch remains. Cut the yarn, draw it through the last stitch and pull tight. Darn ends of knitting into the centre of the knitted cord.

Follow these simple steps to knit tubular knitting on two needles:

1. Cast on 4 stitches and knit one row.

2. Do not turn your work.

3. Slip the four stitches on right needle back onto the left needle.

4. Take yarn across back of work to beginning of the four stitches and knit them again.

5. Continue in this way until desired length or required number of rows are worked.

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