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How to make a knitted tartan doorstop for your home

Knit a touch of highland flair for your home with this smart knitted tartan doorstop and sew a cute little Scottie dog to complete it.

Knitted tartan doorstop

Hello, it’s Kandy, Knitting Design Editor here. This week’s knitting pattern is this smart doorstop – that will make a stylish and useful addition to your home.  It’s knitted in stocking-stitch using the intarsia method to work the tartan pattern.

This season, many designers like John Rocha have drawn their inspiration from the Highlands for their collections using the heathery shades like those used in our knitted doorstop, and you can too.

Making your own knitted tartan doorstop

If you’d prefer a different colour way to suit your own home decorations follow these simple steps to designing your own knitted tartan doorstop fabric.

Choose two shades for the background that contrast…
Like the pink and purple that we used, you could use orange and blue to really make an impression or for a more tradional feel go for green and brown. If you’re having trouble, look for colour inspiration in nature and magazines. Pick out a colour palette that catches your attention and find yarns that match what you see.

Choose a lighter colour to do the Swiss-darning…
That’s the white stitching seen in the picture that you sew on after you’ve knitted the tartan fabric and is to highlight  the pattern. We went for bright white that makes this pattern stand out.

Decide where you’re doorstop is to be used…
This will reflect on what you filling you choose to weight it.  You can use rice (and lighter option) as we have for somewhere warm and dry. Children’s play sand (and heavier),  might be a better choice if you plan to use your doorstop to weight a heavier backdoor or outside door, where the air is likely to be damp as it will absorb the moisture and not go mouldy.

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