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Treat your family to an adorable knitted Peppa Pig

If you think about it, being a knitting enthusiast is a lot like being a magician – with a wave of your knitting needles, you can create something colourful, fun and delightful that you and your family will cherish. Something as cute as our Peppa Pig knit, her brother George, or even a picture jumper featuring their happy faces.

These adorable knits have tonnes of traditional charm and were created especially for you by the Woman’s Weekly team.

Kids today may be more used to flashy playthings, but there’s a certain amount of heart and lovability about old-fashioned knitted toys and jumpers that simply can’t be replicated.

The great news is that the knitting patterns for Peppa Pig in her sweet red jumper dress, George and the jumpers are available from the Woman’s Weekly Shop.

New Peppa Pig toyPeppa has cute rosy cheeks, tiny trotters and a lovely smile. Measuring around 24cm and knitted in stocking-stitch, this heart-meltingly cute toy features embroidered facial features using DK yarn and is bound to go down a treat with fans of the popular porcine character.

Created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker, the TV show centres on the various adventures of Peppa, a young girl who loves to play with her friends, jump in muddy puddles, dress up in costumes and other everyday activities.

Telling gentle stories about Peppa, her family and all the other cute animals that inhabit her world, the cartoon has become a global sensation and is aired in 180 countries around the world.

The enduring popularity of Peppa Pig means that you can be pretty confident that your knitted toys or jumpers are sure to go down a treat with any child when they’re done!

Once you knit one, we’re sure you’ll get requests from friends and relatives to knit more Peppas and Georges for their little girls and boys.


  1. I’m a subscriber. I’m in bed and I left my magazine downstairs and wanted to check what wool I needed to knit Peppa Pig, so I came onto the website for a quick look. I followed the links for the Peppa Pig knitting pattern but they don’t lead anywhere! Where is the pattern that the link indicates please? Thank you

    1. Freddie Patmore says:

      Hello Marie, there are still lots left with our back issues department. you can order yours here.

  2. Susan Williams says:

    I work in a nursing home Merton place Colwyn Bay the ladies love to knit . we have lost the first page of peppa pig knitting pattern . please has anyone got it if so could you please post it to us thank you Susan Williams

  3. Linda Sirjuesingh says:

    I am looking for a knitting or crochet pattern for peppa pig toy. as the one above, where can I get a free pattern on the internet-confirm

    1. Freddie Patmore says:

      Hello Linda, I’m afraid the pattern is no longer offered free of charge. We can sell you a printed copy if you get in touch with us via e-mail on or by phone on 0800 024 1212 10am-4pm Monday-Friday. Hope this helps!

  4. trish taylor says:

    please please can you put the peppa pig pattern on im desperate i cant find mine

    1. frances mckenna says:

      can I have a peppa pig pattern

      1. Freddie Patmore says:

        Hello Frances, if you ring us today you will be able to buy a printed copy. Our shop team can be reached on 0800 024 1212. Hope this helps.

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