This festive selection of wickedly indulgent puddings and pies are sure to put the merry in Christmas.

  • fpatmore

    Hello Suzanne, so sorry for the late response – we’ve only just seen this! This is the website for UK Woman’s Weekly, unfortunately we can’t help with AWW recipes as we’re not affiliated with one another in any way. I do hope this helps – perhaps best to get in touch with AWW. Sorry about that!

  • Susanne Rhall

    Womens Weekly fail of all time, Ive been trying to get the usual Christmas Pudding, the one that you recommended to cook in the pressure cooker. Well I accidentialy threw out my copy of that magazine. Now when its time for me to get it from your website, and I know you had access to it there, the website in under construction, and all other ways to get the recipe, its a 404, page not found.
    Thank you AWW, for selling yourself to some big business company that doesn’t have a contact system, or anyway of me getting the recipe. AWW has become a faceless website, very impersonal and frustrating. I am very disappointed, I subscribe for my Aunt in a Nursing Home, maybe I’ll try BHG. Susanne Rhall MAGSHOP has my details, I ‘m fuming.