Strawberry margarita

When it's hot weather, keep cool with thirst quenching drinks -some alcholic, some not.

A fizzy and sparkling drink with fresh pomegranate seeds. This refreshing and colourful drink is suitable for any occasion especially Christmas.

Sherry flip

A creamy and sweet drink with a hint of tang. Serve this on any occasion especially during Chirstmas.

Ginger fizz

Perfect for summer BBQ's picnics or parties, this ginger fizz is a refreshing drink option for grown-ups or adults. All you need is a little sugar, ginger, lemon and soda…

Santa's tipple over cocktail

Treat your festive party guests to an extra-special cocktail when they arrive - this delicious drink will appeal to those who love orange and ginger

Fireside flamer cocktail

One for kids and non-drinkers, this alcohol-free cocktail is full of flavour. The tangy combination of orange and lime will be a hit at your party

Sloe gin cocktail

Give your gin a fresh twist by making some delicious slow gin. First featured in Woman's Weekly in 1925, it needs to be left for 14 days before drinking but…

Minty melonade

Cool off this summer with a glass of minty melonade. Made with refreshing watermelon and topped up with either lemonade for the kids or sparkling wine for the adults!

Golden rum punch

Perfect for a summer party, this golden rum punch has a warming alcoholic kick and is packed with tropical fruit

Lavender lemonade

A refreshing lemonade with lavender and a sweet tang of lemon. From our friends at Woman's Weekly, this drink takes just minutes to make

Redcurrent gin

If you like sloe gin, you'll love this. It takes two-three months to mature, but it's well worth the wait. Serve neat or with tonic and plenty of ice

Ruby fruits

A delicious and fruity drink that can be made for kids or adapted for adults! From our friends at Woman's Weekly

Citrus passion cocktail

Keep cool this summer with this thirst-quencher of fresh mango, oranges and passion fruit juice. Serve neat or top up with sparkling water or wine.

Raspberry lemonade

A great fruity and refreshing drink for the whole family of crushed raspberries and lemon juice. Perfect for picnics, parties and everyday drinking


A refreshing lemonade drink made with real unwaxed lemons. Sparkling water is used for added zing and there is no cooking involved - so easy and cheap to make

Tropical punch

A refreshing fruity punch is made with ready made fruit juice with an added hint of tequila. It is easy and quick to make

Passion fruit smoothie

Wake up to three of your five a day with this delicious fruit smoothie, packed full of goodness and lots of flavour

Sloe gin

Making sloe gin requires a lot of patience and TLC - but the end result is worth every single sip!