Sausage rolls

Celebrate any occasion with this party favourite! Pork and herb sausages with finely chopped onion and English mustard wrapped in delicious puff pastry, these sausage rolls could not be easier…

Roast vegetables

Enjoy the freshness and flavours of summer vegetables

Cider gravy

This is a tasty gravy to further moisten your roast turkey. It is delicious with hints of apple. It is very easy and quick to make.

Bread sauce

A tasty bread sauce to accompany your roast turkey, chicken or phesant. This is very easy and quick to rustle up. This recipe serves 6-8 portions of meat.

Minty new potatoes

New potatoes cooked in a foil parcel on a BBQ with minty butter. Prepare in advance so they are all ready to put on the BBQ when your guests arrive.

Caramelised figs on toast

A super-quick (just 10 mins) but impressively different sweet treat - serve it as a dessert after a light main course, or as a delicious snack

Thai green dip

This Thai green dip makes a nice change from your usual hummus and creamy dips. A healthy blend of broad beans, peas, fresh herbs and spring onion, the mixture of…

Pizza toast

All your favourite pizza flavours on toast! What could be easier, tastier and quicker? Perfect for lunch, brunch and munching in front of the telly

Gyspy toast with fruit

An indulgent weekend breakfast or brunch, or a quick and easy pud when the family are shouting 'what's for pudding?', this fruit topped gypsy toast is delicious

Hummus with olives on toast

Want a healthy and quick snack? It's cheap and very easy to make your own hummus and, served with olives on toasted pitta bread or crusty bread, it's satsifying too

Potted mackerel on toast

Want a quick and healthy lunch in minutes? Try out our home-made potted mackerel on toasted rye or farmhouse bread, topped with sliced radishes and rocket

Roast bubble and squeak.

Usually made with the leftovers from a roast, bubble and squeak can also be used as a side dish for a roast dinner. This roast bubble and squeak is delicious…

Buttery baby new potatoes

A satisfying accompaniment for any main meal, especially a roast dinner. These soft buttery potatoes will melt in your mouth

Potato gratin

Layers of potato and celeriac in a creamy cheese sauce is the perfect side to any meal. Particularly delicious aside a roast dinner, this potato gratin is so simple to…

Tartare sauce

A traditional accompaniment to fish dishes, make your own tartare sauce at home with this simple recipe - which produces a deliciously thick and tangy sauce

Roast cabbage wedges

Sometimes all you need to do with vegetables is roast them. This winter green cabbage is delicious when simply roasted as it has a slight crunch and is naturally sweet…

Braised red cabbage

Give your red cabbage a burst of flavour by braising with apples, chilli, onions, herbs and spices - it's certainly one way to warm up your winter veg!