Krispie bars

Chewy and crispy cereal bars made with puffed rice and toffee. This is very easy and quick to make without any baking. This recipe makes 12 bars.

Peach and parma ham salad

A refreshing salad which is easy to make to take on a picnic with peach wedges wrapped in parma ham with pea shoots and a balasmic and olive oil dressing…

Sherry flip

A creamy and sweet drink with a hint of tang. Serve this on any occasion especially during Chirstmas.

Minty new potatoes

New potatoes cooked in a foil parcel on a BBQ with minty butter. Prepare in advance so they are all ready to put on the BBQ when your guests arrive.

Lemon jelly sweets

Make these Lemon jellies as an Easter treat for all the family!

Rose pillow sweets

Make Easter extra special by making your very own Easter treats. These rose pillow sweets make great Easter gifts.

Vine leaf cheese parcels

This Greek style treat is so easy and quick to make. The smooth soft goat's cheese is tasty when eaten on it's own or with salad or rice.

Lemon tarts

Portable picnic treats that are super fast to prepare and delicious to eat

Pumpkin preserve

A great way to use your pumpkin from you Halloween lantern-making. This is still a great jam today since we first published it in Woman's Weekly in October 1926.

Happy face mince pies

They're mince pies with a smile. We first published this in December 1949. Here it is again, but using good-quality ready-made mincemeat.

Black forest trifle

Easy to make classic Black Forest Trifle - a favourite for any occasion!

Turkey tikka

Delicious, mildly spicy, dish that's low in fat, so it not only tastes great, it's good for you too!