Cheese and onion soda bread

This delicious Irish bread is best eaten on the day it's made - but you can save it 'til later, and simply warm it through in the oven

Minty melonade

Cool off this summer with a glass of minty melonade. Made with refreshing watermelon and topped up with either lemonade for the kids or sparkling wine for the adults!

Golden rum punch

Perfect for a summer party, this golden rum punch has a warming alcoholic kick and is packed with tropical fruit

Lavender lemonade

A refreshing lemonade with lavender and a sweet tang of lemon. From our friends at Woman's Weekly, this drink takes just minutes to make

Redcurrent gin

If you like sloe gin, you'll love this. It takes two-three months to mature, but it's well worth the wait. Serve neat or with tonic and plenty of ice

Ruby fruits

A delicious and fruity drink that can be made for kids or adapted for adults! From our friends at Woman's Weekly

Citrus passion cocktail

Keep cool this summer with this thirst-quencher of fresh mango, oranges and passion fruit juice. Serve neat or top up with sparkling water or wine.

Lime cooler

Try this delicious citrus thirst-quencher from our friends at Woman's Weekly - perfect for hot summer days

Peach cocktail

Peach shots have slices of fresh peaches added for that extra fruitiness. This is great for a summer's day or for any occasion.

Cheese and pickle straws

An unusual twist on the usual cheese straws, these have the delicious addition of tangy pickle. Perfect for a picnic or party nibbles, along with our herby dip

Limoncello syllabub

This elegant summer dessert is made from fresh raspberries and Italian limoncello and takes just 15 mins to put together

Coffee banoffee pie

A dollop of cream can transform everyday ingredients into something heavenly. Try this banoffee pie with a twist


Burritos are a classic Mexican dish that's great to share with family or guests. Put chilli beef in a serving dish and let everyone make their own burritos, with a…

Chicken tikka masala

Instead of an Indian take-away, why not rustle up this easy to cook curry. Chicken breast is cooked with ready made tikka masala paste and thickened with single cream. Ready…

Crayfish pasta

A great pasta dish for the whole family. Crayfish are added to tagliatelle with a creme fraiche sauce. This is quick and easy to make.

Seafood pasties

Want to try something new? Why not try making these easy-to-make bistro-style seafood pasties? Use ready made filo pastry and fill with mussels and cockles for the perfect party food

Lobster with saffron mayonnaise

Push the boat out and impress someone special with this bistro-styled griddled lobster with saffron mayo. A perfect dish for a romantic meal

Roast seabass with fennel

Quick and easy to cook, with a wonderful mix of fresh flavours. If you can't get hold of sea bass, you could use red mullet or red snapper instead