Wedding cookies

These gorgeous biscuit alternatives to traditional wedding place cards are a real treat to eat - or to save as a memento of the special day

Mackerel pasta

Make this tasty salad for a packed lunch and you'll be getting a serving of good-for-you oily fish, too

Crab, berry and cucumber salad

A refreshing cucumber, raspberry and blueberry salad with crab meat. It has a raspberry vinegar dressing. Can be eaten as a main or an accompaniment.

Caramelised figs on toast

A super-quick (just 10 mins) but impressively different sweet treat - serve it as a dessert after a light main course, or as a delicious snack

Chicken pilaff

Use leftover meat and vegetables to make a quick and easy rice pilaff all in one pot.


Don't let your leftovers go to waste. Try this quick and easy Sunday-night supper

Squash and sage gnocchi

This is a quick and easy meal to cook. Gnocchi is cooked with cubes of butternut squash. Sage leaves and parmesan cheese are added for extra flavour.

Soya bean, spinach and pea soup

You can't beat a large bowl of warming soup in these winter months. Why not try this healthy, low fat soya bean, spinach and pea soup, swap milk to soya…

Beetroot soup

Quick, easy and inexpensive soups that are nourishing and tasty. Ideal for 2-4 people for a snack, lunch or starter.

Nasi goreng

16 stir-fry recipes great for family meals in minutes. Not all stir-frys are Chinese. Some Italian, Spanish, British and Indian inspired recipes to suit all tastes.

Italian-style stir-fry

An Italian inspired stir-fry of chicken, olives and sweet peppers all cooked in one pan. A quick, easy and colourful supper for 4 people

Mini meringues

A delightful sweet to celebrate any occasion. This is easy and cheap to made. The meringues are piped into heart and round shapes.

Seabass with Greek dressing

Sea Bass is simply grilled or barbequed. A Greek dressing of Lemon juice, olive oil, and chilli flakes adds a tang to the fresh tasting fish. It is quick and…

Lamb chops with charmoula

Add something new to your barbecue repertoire - tender lamb chops marinaded in garlic and lemon, grilled and served with a delicious herby, spicy sauce