Swiss roll

These gorgeous little cakes take a bit of effort to make, but they're well worth it - light and lovely, and perfect with an afternoon cuppa

Steamed rhubarb pudding

Tender, juicy rhubarb encased a light suet - wonderful served hot with custard. This recipe is an updated version of a dish in the March 1942 issue of Woman's Weekly

Savoury stuffing baskets

A value-for-money meal in itself from Woman's Weekly's March 1982 issue. This store-cupboard idea uses a stuffing pack, a can of sweetcorn and Spam

Squid fritters

Woman's Weekly have updated a tasty fish dish from their March 1953 issue. Using squid instead of herring roes, they've made it easier and cheaper

Kedgeree castles

A quick and easy supper from Woman's Weekly's April 1958 issue, bought bang up to date. They've tweaked the recipe so it's quicker and easier to make

Chocolate cups

A chocolate dessert with a twist - combining cocoa, semolina, evaporated milk and vanilla to delicious effect! Taken from a 1942 issue of Women's Weekly

Orange blancmange

This delicious dessert recipe was originally featured in a 1970 issue of Woman's Weekly - they've updated it to make it even tastier

Dainty cheese straws

This simple recipe is an update of a tasty old favourite from Woman's Weekly's April 1912 feature titled 'cheese dishes for menfolk'

Taverned bacon

A great meal with a relatively cheap bacon collar joint, this is slow cooked in pale ale for maximum flavour. A great favourite revived from a 1966 issue of Woman's

Baked chicken jambalaya

A recipe revived from an 1984 issue of Woman's Weekly. This chicken can be cooked in a casserole or paella pan. A great tasty and spicy one-pot meal for the…

Stuffed lamb

This traditional roast lamb is taken from Woman's Weekly 1960. A great family favourite, the tasty stuffing makes the meal more substantial

Baked fish and chips

Taken from a 1973 issue of Woman's Weekly, this traditional British fish and chips is cooked in the oven, rather than in the deep-fat fryer. It a bit healthier and…


This classic recipe, taken from a 1946 issue of Women's Weekly, has been updated. The quick dish is easy to make and delicious too

Woman’s Weekly layer cake

A delicious Woman's Weekly cake recipe from 1934. 'No teatime can be dull with this delightful cake on the table,' they said at the time. And we agree!

Lemon roll pudding

Try this delicious pudding recipe for dessert tonight. The classic lemon roll recipe first appeared in Woman's Weekly in 1948

Pork and sausage pie

Taken from a July 1912 issue of Woman's Weekly, this recipe seems to be a favourite of their readers. This pie takes a bit of effort but it's plenty big…

French currant pancakes

These pancakes, from a recipe dating back to 1924, are baked in the oven, rather than cooked in a frying pan. Good for everyday family dessert, not just Pancake Day

Lemon cheesecakes

Tartlets based on Woman's Weekly's classic Yorkshire Curd tart recipe, made using a curd cheese custard, with mixed peel in a sweet pastry case. This recipe dates from 1981, when…

Semolina biscuits

This recipe for semolina biscuits has stood the test of time as it was originally printed in Woman's Weekly magazine in 1944. The dough is rolled out and cut into…

Orange drizzle loaf

A simple to make family cake based on a Madiera cake recipe. Cooked in a loaf tin and flavoured with orange zest it has an orange juice syrup poured over…