Mini pork skewers

A light and lovely meal - tender pork fillet marinaded in tasty spices, grilled and served with authentic Jasmine rice and a fresh radish and cucumber salad on the side

Jamaican patties

Spice things up with these delicious Jamaican beef patties - a bit of effort to make but definitely worth the taste sensation

Sag Aloo

A quick and easy to make vegetarian curry side dish or snack for 2. Ideal for using up leftover roast potatoes and frozen spinach for speed

Tandoori chicken

A great British favourite, this Indian tandoori chicken is very tasty and spicy and easy to cook. It is accompanied with a yogurt dip and Peshwari naan bread.

Lamb biryani

This Indian one-pot meal is easy to cook and makes a tasty spicy dish with moist lamb and tasty basmati rice. A warming meal for the cold winter days

Vegetable balti

Whether you're a curry novice or more of an expert, you'll love this tasty vegetable curry. At only 131 calories per portion, it makes a great healthy alternative to takeaways

Dark secret custards

An easy to make pud that tastes like a caramel custard. Quickly made, baked, then left in the fridge to set, but it's a very soft set.

Berry lemon pudding

Woman's Weekly have created this delicious lemon berry pudding you won't be able to resist. Go on treat yourself!

Coffee pavlova

Go treat yourself by making this delicious coffee pavlova - a bit of effort to make but certainly worth it

Mango tarts

A great dessert using fresh mangoes baked on pastry cases. This is easy to make with ready made pastry. Chopped pistachios are sprinkled on top for added crunch.

Pastrami and Dolcelatte pizza

This quick and easy pasta is tasty with a filling of spicy pastrami, rocket leaves and Dolcelatte cheese. Use ready made pizza base and your pizza will be ready in…

Cheese souffle omelette

This quick and simple omelette takes mintues to make, so perfect for a speedy lunch or dinner. Serve with fried tomatoes and wilted spinach

Coronation chicken sandwiches

Spice up your packed lunch with these classic British chicken curry sandwiches with sweet mango and creamy yogurt mayonnaise

Andalusian-style chorizo with beans

A quick and easy Spanish style stew made in one pot, using chorizo sausage, onions, beans and wine in a tomato sauce. Great for a simple main course for lunch…

Smoked salmon stir-fry

A simple recipe using the evocative flavour of smoked salmon with tasty oriental seasoning. This easy stir-fry is ready in under 30 mins

Smoked mackerel ravioli

An unusual twist on the usual, meat or cheese-filled ravioli - the addition of mackerel gives it a wonderfully smoky flavour. Make it when friends come round for supper, they'll…

Guacamole and prawn spaghetti

Want creative new ways with your favourite pasta - why not try something different? Add ready made guacamole and king prawns to spaghetti - makes a perfect pronto lunch or…

Mascarpone and mushroom-lasagne

Lasagne can be just as tasty without meat. Substitute mince for a delicious combination of mushroom and mascarpone for a dinner time treat

Quick courgette and lemon pasta

Pappardelle pasta with a sauce of ricotta cheese, grated courgette, garlic and lemon stirred in. A very quick pasta dish to make for 2 people.

Tuna and tomato salsa pasta

Quick and easy pasta dish for 2 people using canned tuna and a pot of fresh tomato salsa. Great for lunch or a snack.