Beef skewers

You can't beat the taste of barbecued food - why not try something different by making beef skewers with a chilli marinade and serving with Japanese salad made with rice…

Ploughman picnic loaf

A great picnic snack of ham, gem lettuces, pickle and cheese sandwiched in a cholla loaf. This is quite a substantial snack and one loaf feeds 4-8 people.

Souvlaki chicken

A great chicken snack on sticks. Spicy grilled chicken is sandwiched between pitta bread

Pesto tuna pasta salad

This pesto tuna pasta salad makes a great packed lunch or picnic treat. So quick and easy to make, just add pesto, tuna chunks, plum tomatoes and cucumber to pasta…

Topsy-turvy tray bakes

Bake a batch of Liz Burns’ traybake treats — all ready for tea in those golden autumn afternoons. This apple cake is sweet, moist and soft.

Spiced bread pudding

Dates, ginger and mixed spice are the flavoursome ingredients in this tasty cake. We've update a recipe that was originally featured in Woman's Weekly in 1918

Bachelor’s pudding

This recipe was first published in Woman's Weekly in October 1919. It is very easy to make with few ingredients. Tastes utterly delicious.

Creamed haddock in scallop shells

Creamed haddock with potato topping was a popular 1960's Woman's Weekly recipe. A perfect starter for six guests - serve in scallop shells or gratin dishes to impress your guests.

Ham, egg and potato pie

This ham, egg and potato pie is from a Woman’s Weekly 1913's recipe. So simple to make, cover the ham, eggs and potatoes with ready made pastry and bake for…

Stuffed cabbage

Recipes taken from the archives of Woman's Weekly cookery pages over the last 100 years. This recipe is from August 1940, a wartime austerity meal!

Apple gingerbread

This classic cake with a twist was first featured in a 1935 issue of Woman's Weekly. A moist sponge with a spicy icing, it certainly stands the test of time

Fruit scones

First published in Woman's Weekly in October 1928, this is still a favourite today. It is easy, quick and cheap to make.

Ginger syrup sponge

Remember cookery editer Liz Burns? She cooked this in November 1981. This old fashioned steamed pudding with a hint of ginger is still a great favourite today.

Plum pudding

We first published this recipe in December 1920. The pudding is quite black and very rich in taste. Just use a cup measure, any size you like, for all the

Cheese eggs

This supper dish taken from our December 1944 issue is quick to make and tasty too


A variation on the classic Parkin cake - instead of one big cake, we've made it into individual large cookies. It's a recipe that was first featured in a 1927…

Savoury meat mould

Taken from the Woamn's Weekly archive, this tasty recipe was first published in October 1919