BBQ marinades

When the sun is shining try these four quick and simple barbecue marinades that can be used on meat and/or fish

Aubergine toasts

Toasted slices of aubergine and ciabatta with a spread of aubergine and yogurt. This is easy to make and is a healthy meal for the whole family.

Rum glazed griddled pineapple

Cook these pineapples on the barbecue for the perfect way to round off an outdoor dinner. And it couldn't be easier to do!

Prawn paella

Enjoy this superb Spanish paella with friends and family - a combination of sweet prawns and saffron sticky rice

Fresh berry tarts

Sweet pastry cases filled with jam and seasonal berries. Perfect for afternoon tea with a dollop of Cornish clotted cream.

Lemon thyme souffle

This light and fluffy souffle for two is made with goat's cheese and Parmesan - and the unusual addition of lemon thyme gives it a lovely, summery flavour


This tangy gooseberry dessert with its smooth custard and unusual hints of lavender and marigold is worth the effort and looks very impressive when served at dinner parties

Rose-hinted chocolate tart

A delicious chocolate cake with a raspberry, rose petals and cream filling. It is iced with chocolate and decorated with pretty rose petals. Great for all occasions.

Garden flower salad

Pick edible flowers from your garden to give this fresh marinated salmon salad the taste of pure summer

Lemon geranium cheesecake

A tangy cheesecake flavoured with geranium leaves and beautifully decorated with its flowers. It's so easy to make and is a delight to serve on any occasion

Potted prawns

Good dinner party starter or lunchtime snack, quick and easy to make using cooked frozen prawns

Panzanella salad

A refreshing Italian bread salad with tomatoes, cucumber, celery and pieces of toasted ciabatta. A great salad eaten on its own or as a side dish

Stuffed tomatoes

Make these delicious stuffed tomatoes for an easy family dinner. It's quite a fun recipe to cook with the kids so get them to help you stuff their own

Raspberry and redcurrant meringue torte

Melt-in-the-mouth nutty meringue sandwiched together with sweet summer fruit cream. This dessert both looks and tastes wonderful, and makes an impressive addition to your dinner table

Coffee and walnut cake

A delicious tea time treat with a crunchy, nutty surprise on top. This coffee and walnut cake is a real crowd pleaser (but make sure you save some for yourself!)

Cheese and chive puffs

These delicious cheese puffs make a great savoury alternative to your afternoon tea cake or a cheesy choux pastry treat that the whole family can enjoy

Ham and Tewkesbury butter sandwiches

Brown bread sandwiches with ham and a firey mustard and horseradish butter in it to give a real bite. Perfect for afternoon tea or picnics

Coconut castles

A jammy buttery sponge cake rolled in delicious desiccated coconut. This tea time treat is like a cupcake without the cup and it perfect for kids' parties

Viennese fingers

Light, melt-in-the-mouth biscuits filled with apricot jam and dipped in dark chocolate. Perfect with a cup of tea and we bet you can't stop at just one!