Something a little different to make for the festive season, this has a cream-cheese frosting, topped with chocolate sauce and poached apple slices


Taken from the Woman's Weekly archive, this recipie for Piccalilli was first published in November 1913

Chicken castle pie

Shortcrust pastry pie with a chicken, sausage and stuffing filling

Upside down pear brownie

Our cheats upside-down pear brownies are made from ready-made ingredients. To make use tinned pears and a chocolate fudge brownie mix.

Exotic ripple ice cream cake

Love desserts but don't always have the time to make them? Well now you can with our exotic ripple ice with crumble topping.

Creamy mushroom grains

What a winter hearty meal in minutes? Well try our creamy mushroom grains made with ready-to-eat grains, ready-cooked chicken and a carton of wild mushroom soup. Quick and simple.

Baked apple

A delicious low-fat baked apple with an apricot and honey filling for a super-quick dessert!

beef and pork wrapped in savoy cabbage leaves with brown basmati rice

Pistachio nougat

A delicious Easter treat that tastes as good as it looks

Kipper couscous

An economical family meal taking advantaged of frozen ingredients - frozen kipper fillers and frozen vegetables

Cheesy potato bake

This hearty bake of cheesy potato is delicious for the family. It is very easy to make and very economical at only 66p per portion.

Simple dahl toast topper

Fed up with boring old cheese on toast? Try this delicious curry toast topper on naan bread

Dolce blush toast topper

Toast topping ideas for quick, simple and tasty snacks.It is so easy to make with just a 'ping' in the microwave.

Peanut butter and banana toast topper

Spruce up toasts with crunchy peanut butter and top with banana. This is a great favourite and so quick and easy to make.

Caramelised spicy apple

Crunch into toasted fruity soda bread topped with caramelised aple. Spice it up with a sprinkling of cinnamon. Easy peasy for a tasty snack.