Cheesy corn loaves

These American corn loaves made with polenta are quick to make and freeze-able too. Enjoy them warm or cold.

Pitta bread

These freshly baked pitta breads taste best served hot from the oven with your favourite dips as a tasty snack.

Sun-dried tomato and olive focaccia

This freshly baked 'tear and share' bread is delicious when dipped in extra-virgin olive oil as an easy starter or with lunch.

Halloween rice

Kids' food can be healthy and fun to make. Get them involved when you rustle up this tomato risotto, which is great for Halloween!

Prawn and avocado salad

A straight-forward and traditional recipe for a delicious Christmas starter

Creamy carrot and parsnip soup

Parsnip soup is a real winter warmer. This version, with carrots too, is by Clare and Grace from Redditch - their mum, Ruth, a Woman's Weekly reader, suggested they send…

Roast turkey

A simple recipe for turkey and all the trimmings, including pigs in blankets and stuffing balls. Don't forget to use our turkey timer to calculate the cooking time of your…

Sloe gin

Making sloe gin requires a lot of patience and TLC - but the end result is worth every single sip!

Damson and lemon crunch

Damsons, sweet wild plums, are in season now so enjoy them in this easy-to-make, crunchy dessert.

Sweetcorn with hazelnut butter

Sweetcorn isn't just for boiling - baking it in the oven and smearing over homemade nutty butter is another way to enjoy it

Blackberry tart

Make use of your garden blackberries in this easy two-step recipe. You won't need to do any baking and you can use ready-rolled pastry too

Aubergine and cheese stacks

If you can't get hold of Dolcelatte cheese, mozzarella is just as good. Melt between slices of roasted aubergines and drizzle with pesto for an easy veggie meal

Stuffed romano peppers

Sweet roasted peppers packed with a spicy minced lamb, onion and raisin stuffing. Delicious!

Ham and courgette salad

This easy dish is a delicious light lunch or starter. You just need a vegetable peeler to cut the courgettes into thin ribbons.

Cheese souffle

Bursting with flavour, these fluffy cheese and herb soufflés make a delicious light lunch or you can serve them as a simple starter.

Tuna with salsa

Tuna is boneless, low fat, easy to prepare and quick to cook. Four minutes on a griddle pan and a bit of our lovely salsa is all it takes to…

Goat's cheese and vegetable tart

Treat your family to this mouth-wateringly healthy goat's cheese and vegetable tart. It's so easy to make you could even get the kids to help.P

Animal cake

Looking for a kids' birthday cake recipe? This jungle themed cake is perfect for kids' birthday parties - it may take a few hours, but it's worth it!

Gingerbread men

Make this quick and simple recipe for gingerbread dough with the kids. You don't have to stick to the usual gingerbread men you can cut it it into whatever shape…