Berry swiss roll

Cakes that look as good as they taste - try this light and delicious orange and almond sponge with a creamy fruit filling

Lemon drizzle loaf

This tangy citrus sponge is moist, light and refreshing and makes a perfect teatime treat

Fennel and leeks in vermouth

Capture the freshness and delicate flavour of young seasonal veg with this delicious fish recipe

Need to feed a lot of people? Stretch out your budget by making a super cheap tortilla. This spring vegetable recipe includes red peppers, green beans and peas for a…

Fresh tomato and cucumber salad with torn crispy baguette tossed in like croutons to soak up the delicious basil dressing

A delicious alternative to a beef burger, these are quick and easy to make. Serve in home-made burger buns

Plum crumble

A pie-plate crumble with a flaked almond topping

Tomatoes in the summer are full of colour and bursting with sweet, intense flavour. This Bloody Mary sorbet is easy to make and very refreshing as a starter, between courses…

Moroccan tomatoes

Our Moroccan tomatoes dish makes a great brunch, lunch or dinner. Ready in minutes and made in one pot - add tomatoes, asparagus and eggs for this simple and quick…

Cool down and chill out this summer with green tea granita. Make with green tea, caster sugar, lemon juice and then freeze. When ready, serve in glasses and decorate with…

Tomato and pepper galettes

This tasty tart is full of Mediterranean flavours, with ripe plum tomatoes, sweet peppers, kalamata olives and fresh thyme.

Mango and coconut sorbet

This mango and coconut sorbet ice topped with a raspberry coulis. A sweet treat that's a perfect quick dessert

Spanish prawns

Try this Spanish-style summer seafood dish of pan-fried prawns with garlic, fresh fennel and cherry tomatoes with sherry and parsley.

Rocky road ice cream

Cool down with this mouth-watering ice cream. A melting moment with textures of plain chocolate and digestive biscuit chunks and gooey marshmallows. It is easy to make and this recipe…

Carrot and raisin loaf

You can't beat a classic carrot cake and this version with raisins, cream cheese and sugarpaste carrots is bound to be a winner.

How to bake basic cupcakes

Learn how to make cupcakes with this simple video recipe, it's quick and easy and leaves you with plenty of time to do the fun part - decorating!