Mexican veggie fajitas

Delicious roasted peppers, courgettes and onions in a Mexican sauce, all wrapped up and served with guacamole. Enjoy!

Seabass with beetroot rosti

Fresh fish served with a tasty potato and beetroot rosti (like hash browns) and colourful salad is the perfect summer dinner.

Prawn and chorizo jambalaya

This classic dish from New Orleans is a delicious combo of rice, prawns, garlic, chorizo sausage and lots of warm spices.

Sausage and onion rolls

Nothing like a homemade sausage roll to keep you reaching for more. This recipe is from Woman's Weekly reader, Shirley Quatermaine, from Kettering.

Courgette fritters

Served with wasabi mayonnaise, this recipe is from Woman's Weekly reader and culinary student Tessa Shoebridge from Auckland, New Zealand.

Caribbean-style fried fish

Delicious chilli-marinated sea bass. With origins in Trinidad, Woman's Weekly reader Hassrah Mohammad from London shares her recipe, influenced by her Caribbean roots

Chilli chicken pasta

This quick, easy chicken pasta recipe is a favourite dish for Woman's Weekly reader, Angela Cliffe from Newcastle-under-Lyme,

Gluten-free chocolate pecan brownies

Woman's Weekly cookery editor, Sue McMahon, shows you how to make these dense and crunchy chocolate pecan brownies in her quick and easy video recipe.

Tuscan chicken

This tasty chicken dish, topped with olives, lemon and basil, and served with roasted vegetables contains less than 10g fat per person.

Beef and beetroot salad

This healthy steak salad with peppers, courgettes, beetroot and rocket and chard leaves contains less than 10g fat per person.

Mushroom and spinach pasta

A quick and easy pasta dish with lots of healthy spinach and tasty chestnut mushrooms - plus it contains less than 10g fat per person.

Moroccan fish soup

A tasty soup with chickpeas, saffron, spring onions, tomatoes and special Ras El Hanout seasoning - and under 10g fat per person.

Squash, broccoli & barley salad

A super-healthy salad with butternut squash, broccoli and barley, dressed with mustard and honey. And less than 10g fat per person.

Radish, fennel and mint salad

Have this salad as a light starter served with prawns or smoked salmon, or it can be served as a side salad.

Stilton and spinach pasta

Easy, quick and delicious, this creamy spinach and stilton pasta is a great dish to make for family and friends.

Cauliflower fritters with salsa

These cauliflower fritters are tasty, easy and perfect for entertaining. Everyone will love the tomato salsa too.

Strawberry streusel

This strawberry slice is easy to make but looks impressive - just serve with a bit of cream and a cuppa.

Moroccan mackerel

Mackerel is rich in omega-3, which improves brain power - that's why this dish makes such a great lunch for growing kids.

Trout and asparagus frittata

Asparagus is cheaper when it's in season and it's an aphrodisiac too, so whip up this easy frittata if you're having a romantic night in or a dinner party.