Add some felt to a french knitted cord for a cute face to make

French knitting (tubular knitting) isn't as tricky as it seems. Follow this easy how-to guide from our experts with FREE instructions for some fun projects!

Knit for babies Baby Booties Knitting Pattern

If you like to crochet and knit for babies and toddlers, follow these general and simple tips to ensure perfect results every time Here are six tips you should consider…

Vintage pattern

We took a dip into the Woman’s Weekly archives of vintage knitting patterns for this pretty cardigan from the 1940s. We’ve reworked the instructions so that it can be knitted…

Tips on how to knit neat stripes and the simplest way of introducing colour into your knitting like the boys sweater featured in this week’s Woman’s Weekly.

Finishing off your knitted project can make or break how it looks. A design can be beautifully knitted but if not finished off correctly it can spoil its overall effect.…

Crochet boxes

How To Crochet: Our top 10 tips on getting perfect crochet tension Before commencing any new project always check your tension, follow these ten easy-to-follow steps to insure a success:…

Knitting for charity

We know just how much you like to support charities and we’re hoping to appeal to your charitable nature, with our WW Live! Knit appeal 'Hats for the Homeless'.