Keep your skin in top condition

Facial massage tips

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Give your skin a workout

Your face is made up of 42 individual muscles and, much like the rest of your body, if they aren’t used, they become weak.

Do these quick and simple facial exercises three to four times a week to strengthen and define your features – no gym pass is required to achieve the best skin!

Great for jowls

Tilt your head back and jut out your lower lip as you stroke the skin on the bottom of the neck downwards for a few seconds. Bring your head back down and repeat three more times.

Great for sagging cheeks

Suck in your cheeks and purse your lips, then try to smile as hard as you can for 10 seconds, feeling the tension in your cheeks.

Repeat three times.

Great for crow’s feet

Make a ‘V’ shape with your index and middle finger on each hand and place on the inner and outer corners of the brows. Look up to the ceiling and try to squint by raising the lower eyelid upwards.

Repeat five times.

Model applying face cream

Apply cream on your face in small circles © iStock

How to apply your face cream

Facialist Anastasia Achilleos has spent years massaging people’s faces. Here, she gives her step-by-step guide on how to work in your face cream for maximum results.

1 Warm up

Lie flat. With the pot of cream next to you, put a pea-sized amount into the palm of your hands. Slowly rub your hands together in a circular motion for a count of 10.

Lay your hands over your face – fingertips should cover the forehead, palms across the face.

Slide palms up and over the forehead, out to the temples then down to the chin.

Repeat for 30 seconds.

2 Activate

Place your fingertips to your forehead again and rest your palms on the cheekbones. Next apply a little pressure and push the base of your palms up slightly.

Hold for 10 seconds before releasing.

3 Relieve tension

Pinch your eyebrows by placing your thumb beneath the brow and your index finger above. Hold this for 10 seconds while taking deep breaths.

Continue to gently pinch your brow bone and release, slowly moving out towards the temples.

Using both thumbs, finish with three small clockwise circles at each temple.