Irish star Kian Egan on forming a band aged 12, having to mime at a Westlife gig and hitting the studio with his wife

A cup of tea with Kian Egan

Kian Egan loved recording a duet with his wife Jodi Albert ©Rex Features

Kian Egan is best known for being a member of Irish boy band Westlife.

Between 1998 and 2011, the group cloked up an impressive 14 No 1 singles in the UK and sold over 50 million records worldwide.

Kian took up a position as a coach on Ireland’s version of The Voice in 2012 and was crowned the winner of ITV reality show I’m A Celebrity in 2013.

How do you take your tea?

Strong, one sugar and a small drop of milk.

Who would you like to 
have a cup of tea with?

Michael Jackson. It’d be really cool to sit down and chat to him.

Tell us about your debut solo album, Home.

It’s not a million miles away from the type of thing 
I did with Westlife. The idea was to try and find great songs that suited my voice.

They’re covers, but they’re 
not all well-known tracks.

What’s your favourite 
track on the album?

The duet I did with my wife, Jodi – it’s called I Run To You.

Did you always want to 
be a singer?

I definitely wanted to be on stage. I started performing in poetry competitions when I was four and set up my first band aged 12. Music was always the biggest love of my life.

Have you ever had any embarrassing on-stage moments?

There was one gig we did 
where we had to mime because there wasn’t time for a sound check. I remember singing 
my part when the wire of the microphone fell out.

voice kept coming out of the speakers – it was pretty obvious I wasn’t singing live!

How would you spend 
an ideal weekend?

I’m a big surfer, so spending time at the beach with my family is always top of the 
list. We like to have days out 
in our camper van. I also enjoy photography and taking my dog for long walks.

What would it surprise people to know about you?

The first album I ever bought was by Metallica!

What’re your plans for 
the next few months?

I’d love to get out on tour, 
but I’ve had a busy few 
months, so I’m also looking forward to some time out 
with my wife and little boy.

Kian Egan’s album, Home, is available at QVC now. Visit