Celebrity chef Phil Vickery on his love of simple cooking, travelling eight miles for a cup of coffee and The Queen

A cup of tea with Phil Vickery

Phil Vickery is on a quest to reduce the nation’s cholesterol levels ©Rex Features

Phil Vickery is most famous for teaching viewers of This Morning how to cook tasty recipes.

Away from TV, he’s released a number of popular books including Cooking Naked, Phil Vickory’s Guide To Outdoor Food and Seriously Good Gluten Free Cooking.

Phil married presenter Fern Britton in 2000.

How do you take your tea?

I make it in a pot – two bags of English Breakfast and a bag of Earl Grey. When the builders come round, they always say it’s awful!

Who would you most like to have a cup 
of tea with?

The Queen, but it would be really informal. I’d like to ask her what 
she eats for lunch.

Tell us about your involvement with Flora’s It Takes A Village Campaign.

The idea is to raise awareness of cholesterol levels and encourage people to make small, positive changes.

It was launched in Rutland, the UK’s smallest county, and, amazingly, in just three weeks 82% of the participants had lowered their cholesterol.

I never promote anything I don’t believe in.

What sort of changes 
have you made?

Saturated fat is the problem. Rather than eat a big lump 
of Cheddar, I’ll have half the amount I used to and I cook with olive oil in a non-stick pan.

I’m not faddist about 
it, I’m just careful.

What would your ideal three-course meal be?

Smoked salmon, cottage pie 
and then a meringue or a trifle. I’ve cooked for prime ministers and celebrities, but it always just comes back to simple grub.

Do you have any 
strange hobbies?

This sounds really weird, 
but I love coffee and I’ll often go on an eight-mile round trip to my local Costa!

It’s a simple pleasure, but it really makes me happy.

For more information on the Flora pro.activ It Takes A Village campaign and to download the three-week challenge, visit floraproactiv.com