Andrea McLean is 
one of the most recognisable faces 
on daytime TV, brightening up our lunchtimes as the regular anchor on Loose Women.

But she also runs her own business, 
having launched website 
This Girl Is On Fire with her husband Nick Feeney last year. More recently, the couple have expanded the site to become a marketplace for female entrepreneurs.

And while many would pause at the idea of working with their partner – as well 
as living together, during the restrictions imposed due to coronavirus – Andrea reveals how she and Nick are all the stronger for it. And this comes just a few months after she admitted the 
pair had been seeing 
a marriage counsellor.

While she confesses launching the marketplace has been ‘stressful,’ and explains how they’ve been working in separate parts 
of the house to ‘stop driving each other mad,’ she 
adds, ‘We’ve learned some great things about each other. I admire him so much, I think he’s the most driven and creative person I’ve ever 
met. I think he’s amazing.’

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So yesterday @lordfeeney and myself decided to go out on a date for the first time since lockdown began. It was a spur of the moment decision made while walking the dog in our usual grubby dog-walking gear of sweats and hoodies. We went home and got spruced up and drove to one of our favourite places, the @theivybrighton. Where the heavens opened. It rained like it was in a movie… our umbrella broke, the wind blew so hard my dress wouldn’t stay down and I ended up ‘Marilyn Monroe-ing’ half a dozen times. 🤦🏻‍♀️ We were SOAKED. But laughing our heads off. I’ve always been a believer that you take the weather with you – just like that old song by Crowded House. If you are sunny inside it doesn’t matter how cloudy it is (and sadly vice versa). Yesterday we were in our own blazing sunshine. #dateday #sunshineinmysoul #weatherwithyou #love

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Andrea continues, ‘And 
I think that I love him even more now because I can just see how much he wants to protect us all and look after 
us all, he wants our business to work and all he wants is 
for everyone to be happy.’

Explaining why the website’s message is so important to her, Andrea says, ‘My whole ethos 
is, how can 
I help women lead a better life, no matter what level that is? I feel really strongly that not everybody wants to be a CEO or rule the world. Sometimes you just want to have a better day.’

However, despite trying to inject confidence into other women, Andrea admits that she’s far from confident about her own body, especially since she turned 
50 last October.

‘Turning 50 is a biggie and I think you don’t realise how big it is until you actually get there,’ the presenter says. ‘Things do change and you think it won’t happen 
to you, but it does.

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‘Your metabolism definitely slows down and it feels like you have to run to stand still, which is really infuriating because it also ties in with 
you being more tired than 
you were before. But I like 
me more now, so I think 
that kind of makes up for it.’

She continues, ‘I’d say 
I’m confident in myself, but probably the least confident 
in my body that I’ve been for a long time, but I do think that’s due to lockdown. I think I’ve had more time to look at it!

‘I appreciate my body because it works and it’s healthy and alive. But am 
I body confident, as in skipping down the street in a bikini? No!’ But body confidence issues aside, Andrea insists it’s different when it comes to her beauty regime – and lockdown made her realise she enjoys looking nice purely because 
it gives her a boost.

She says, ‘It’s funny 
because I didn’t set out to 
be a TV presenter – I was 
a print journalist before and 
I always had that mindset 
of, ‘I only get dressed up 
for work.’ I’m actually really low-maintenance. ‘But now I’ve realised I like looking good because it makes me feel better. During lockdown, 
most days I put make-up on and I try and put something nice on. It really works wonders on your mood.’

And, as restrictions continue to be eased, what is Andrea most looking forward to doing? She finishes, ‘Once 
it’s safe to do so, 
I can’t wait to fly somewhere with 
blue skies, white sands, blue sea, have a cocktail 
and just chill out!’

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