While many 
of us have battled with the unwelcome isolation of lockdown, Kate Humble hasn’t really noticed the difference.

The 51-year-old TV presenter – who lives with her husband, Ludo Graham, on a farm in Monmouthshire – reveals her Animal Park 
co-host and good friend Ben Fogle rang her up at the beginning 
of lockdown saying, ‘You’re the one person I’m not remotely worried about because you never see anybody anyway. You just hate people, so you’ll be fine!’

Kate laughs, ‘I don’t hate people, but we do live on a beautiful Welsh hill with all our animals. We’ve been lambing and now we’re calving and there are lots of jobs to do, so I’ve been really busy – it’s all been the same as normal.’

As a keen lover of the outdoors, Kate reveals she wakes up at six in the morning every day to 
go running with her three dogs.

She says, ‘I’m just one of those people that needs to be out and moving, and I’m very lucky because where I live, that has still been possible.

‘I exercise a lot because I like it and it makes me feel good for the rest of the day. I do a lot of walking too. People say, ‘Oh, you need to do 10,000 steps a day,’ but I usually do between 30 and 40,000!’

Kate has also been busy building a pizza oven in 
her garden for her new show, 
The Weekend Workshop.

The show sees Kate, along with Max McMurdo and 
Zoe Pocock, designing new furniture made from recycled materials 
found in their own homes.
She explains, ‘I’d wanted to build a wood-fired oven for years, but never had the time to do it. But this show came along, and we’d just dug a pond, so had spare soil that was full of clay, and it worked out perfectly.

‘We started on the pizza oven on the first day of filming, and three weeks later we were eating pizza out of it!

‘There’s something absolutely magical about taking mud from the ground and turning it into something that we then cooked pizzas 
in. It was really cool.’
But Kate insists that the 
road to building her pizza oven was far from smooth, and she had to get help from her husband, who was directing and filming her.

‘I love the concept and ethos of upcycling, but I have to confess that I am not the handiest person in the world,’ she says. ‘So it was great he could help me out.’

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She continues, ‘There were times when I completely messed things up. It turns out that I’m incapable of screwing a screw in straight, it always went wonky, and then it would make a terrible noise, then I’d make a terrible noise, and we’d have to cut filming so 
I could have a cup of tea and a bit of a stamp about, then come back and try again.’

Working together could have been disastrous for Kate and Ludo – who’ve been married since 1992 – as Kate confesses they hardly see each other in normal circumstances due to work commitments, but they’ve been pleasantly surprised by their time together in lockdown.

She says, ‘We’re very individual, we do a lot of things on our own, and our work means that we’re often apart, but it’s really nice when we’re together.
‘We’d never worked together before, so we were slightly nervous about it, but it’s been fun.

‘He’s a good person to 
work with and he’s very good at his job, so hopefully he’ll make me look great!’