TV presenter Lorraine Kelly has proved her status as a national treasure during the 
past few months of lockdown, keeping us smiling with 
her uplifting appearances 
on Good Morning Britain.

Now she is smiling herself, positively beaming, as she tells us that her and her husband Steve Smith’s beloved daughter Rosie, who turned 26 earlier this month, has recently returned to the UK after living and working in Singapore for the past four years.

Lorraine, 60, says, ‘We were worried because she was so far away, but then, we’ve all been missing our families.

‘The experience has been great for her, the travelling she’s done, and the friends she’s made.

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‘You have to let your children go, let them fly, and explore. Rosie always knows that she can come back to us. She decided to go into quarantine for two weeks after she got back from Singapore to be on the safe side and we saw her after that.’

She adds, ‘I’m sure she 
will volunteer if she can’t 
get a job. She’s like me and won’t sit around, she’ll do something. She’s a lovely girl and so grown-up.’

Lorraine’s stint on Good Morning Britain, where she’s been joined by ITV’s medical expert Dr Hilary Jones 
each weekday during the coronavirus crisis, has been 
a phenomenal ratings success, and has been credited with lifting the nation’s spirits hugely during an uncertain time.

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I honestly don’t know what I’d do without this wee fella right now. Angus is a just bundle of energy, he makes me laugh and he (sometimes) let’s me cuddle him. #borderterrier #cute #love #angel #adorable

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It has also shown Lorraine, 
a television broadcaster for 
35 years, is still at the top of her game, yet she modestly laughs off any praise.

‘It is remarkable that so many people have been tuning in and I never take 
it for granted,’ she says. ‘We’re just trying to get people through and give them 
a bit of hope.’

Any interview with Lorraine is always punctuated with lots 
of laughter and she nods when she says that her sense of humour has kept her balanced and mentally strong.

‘I love a good giggle. It makes you feel so happy, 
so it must be good for your health. Dr Hilary always 
says he’d be out of a job if everyone laughed all the time! I always make sure that my cup is half full. My Zumba classes help – I’ve now been doing classes online. It’s been my saviour.’

Lorraine spent the lockdown with her husband Steve, who she’s been with since 1984 and married to since 1992, and she has always described her husband as her ‘soulmate 
and best friend’.

She smiles, ‘Everybody should have a Steve in their life. He’s kind, funny and a very handy person, he’s an electrician by trade and he was a cameraman, and he’s been helping me film bits for my YouTube channel. And he even let me cut his hair during lockdown! He’s a brave man.’

She adds, with a giggle, ‘What did he think of my cut? He doesn’t care. He has no ego. But would I let him near my hair? No. Definitely not!’

As life very slowly gets back to normal, she reflects on the life lessons she’s learnt recently.

She says, ‘It’s taught me that I don’t need lots of stuff, but I do need people. I really miss my parents, as I normally pop up to Scotland to see them twice a month. And I miss seeing my pals in the village for a cup of tea!’

She reflects, ‘But I am so lucky, I have Steve and a 
small garden in our cottage in Buckinghamshire, which I can sit in, and I can take my Border terrier, Angus, for a walk.’

Lorraine finishes by saying that in the future she would love to do more writing. ‘I think I’ve got the best job in the world, but one day I’d like to write a novel.’