The 10 best Victoria Wood videos chosen by the Woman's Weekly team as her funniest moments

1. Acorn Antiques – As Seen On TV

A Victoria Wood classic, Acorn Antiques explored the fictional world of an antiques shop run by glamorous Miss Babbs (Celia Imrie) and Berta (Victoria Wood) and featured wobbly sets, ham acting and the unforgettable, Mrs Overall (Julie Walters).

2. Victoria Wood Shoe Shop sketch from As Seen On TV

The comedy partnership between Victoria Wood and Julie Walters produced some of the most hilarious comedy sketches in UK comedy history. Here Victoria is trying to buy some shoes from Julie Walters’ hapless shop assistant (‘I can’t go out in the sun without a Woman’s Realm on my head’).

3. Victoria Wood – Menopause and Health Food Shops Live at The Albert Hall

I was lucky enough to see Victoria on this tour. Even all these years later I can still remember how my cheeks hurt from laughing so much at the end of an evening where she did what she does best – find hilarious humour in the most everyday and often mundane of circumstances. My menopause was still on the distant horizon when I saw the show, but she managed to make me feel there would still be plenty to laugh about when it arrived.  Ed, Diane

4. Anne Widdecombe (song)

And now for a song. Anne Widdecombe personified in song and video.  Once you’ve heard this you’ll never get it out of your head!  Be warned.

5. Two Soups

Probably one of the most famous Wood and Walters collaborations. Victoria wrote the words and Julie acted out the part of the elderly waitress attempting to serve soup to customers in a restaurant.

6. Swim The Channel

Victoria playing a 12-year-old schoolgirl whose dream is to swim the channel (‘and meet Bonnie Tyler’). Hilarious and a peculiarly moving!

8. The Albert Hall Parody of Jane McDonald

‘From Luxury Liner, she’s glam, she’s glitzy, she’s Stacey Leanne Payne’. This live stand-up features Victoria’s skit on the singer and star of The Cruise, and one time co-presenter of Loose Women, Jane McDonald.

9. Wood and Walters At The Hairdressers

Another Wood and Walters classic comedy sketch: Victoria arrives for her appointment at the hairdressers only to find her usual stylist is off for the day, as is everyone else, apart from Julie Walters’ manic hairdresser.

10. Dinnerladies

Doesn’t matter how many times you see this (or, indeed, pretty much any clip from Dinnerladies), it makes you laugh every time. Brilliant writing and pitch-perfect performances are what made this series the huge hit it was.