This charming quick-stitch stocking looks lovely stuffed with small gifts

Sew this simple project in two contrasting fabrics.

Christmas Stockings
Finished size: 31 x 24cm

You will need

  • 1cm-squared graph paper and pencil, or
    access to a photocopier to enlarge template
  • Two patterned Christmas cotton fat quarters
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Bodkin or safety pin

Making the Christmas stocking template

Following the template, copy the solid outlines, square by square, on to graph paper with a pencil, so that each square measures 2.5cm.

Mark the dot. Alternatively, use a photocopier to enlarge the template by 350%. Cut
out the Christmas stocking template.

Christmas Stocking Template
Cutting out

Cut one pair of stockings from one fat quarter.

Cut one 20 x 6cm rectangle for the hanging loop and one 28 x 20cm rectangle for the cuff
from the other fat quarter.

Making the stocking

Note: Take 1cm seam allowance. Join pieces with edges level.

1 Pin the stockings together with right sides facing. Stitch the outer edges, leaving the short upper straight edge open. Snip the curves.

Press the seams at the upper edge open. Turn the stocking right side out.

2 Fold the hanging loop lengthways in half with right sides facing. Stitch the long edge. Press the seam open, then turn right side out with a bodkin or safety pin.

Press the hanging loop with the seam centred, then fold it in half with the seam inside.

Insert the loop into the stocking and pin and tack to the seam at the dot with the raw edges level.

3 Fold the cuff in half parallel with the short edges, right-sides facing. Stitch the short edge. Press the seam open.

Fold the cuff in half with the wrong side inside, matching the seam and raw edges. Pin the raw edges together.

4 Insert the cuff into the stocking, matching the raw upper edges and the seam of the cuff to the stocking seam with the dot.

Stitch the upper edge. Turn the cuff to the outside.