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Tapestry Blog: Week 1

One of the joys of my job is that I oversee the craft and home pages and our Love To Make by Woman’s Weekly monthly. I learnt knitting when I was at school – a pair of mittens were my first make, in lilac, I seem to remember. And I’ve enjoyed sewing projects as well.

Now I have a brand new project and I am so excited! I have had a tapestry ready and waiting to be started for, oh, several months. Bought for me by a very dear friend it inclueds 6 gorgeous cups and saucers and mugs to be completed and then my plan is to turn the tapestry in to a cushion cover.

But in order to begin, I needed a tapestry frame. I haven’t completed a tapestry for some time because I have arthritic fingers and thought it might aggravate them. But I couldn’t resist having a go and I’m pleased to say so far, so good.

At last I've started my project

At last I’ve started my project

My two sons bought me my much wanted tapestry frame for Christmas and once our house returned to its normal pace after the break, I started.

I don’t know about you, but I just love starting something new. Getting the tapestry sewn on to the frame was a bit of a challenge because of my fingers, but with a little help from my husband, the job was done.

So which cup to begin with? I plumped for the one on the top row with the head figure in the centre. I checked the stitch to be sure I knew what I was doing and was on my way.

Hope you like the colours as much as I do

Hope you like the colours as much as I do

Tapestry Blog: Week 2

My two boys are rugby players, so a lot of my spare time at the weekend is spent on the rugby sidelines, not that I’m complaining of course!

So I am lucky if I get an hour or so after work and at the weekends. I try and do a little every evening. I’ve always been able to knit, or go through magazines, or surf the internet while watching a favourite TV programme. But watching The Bridge over the past few weekends – the Scandanavian thriller – with subtitles – has been a challenge! But if I choose my moments to sew and look up, it works!

I’m thrilled to say I finished the first mug this weekend – and here it is:

finished-mugMoving on to the cup and saucer to the left of the mug, I’m tempted to either do blocks of one colour at the same time or small areas of different c0lours. I just love seeing the project develop and also how solid the group of stitches makes the tapestry feel. If I know the part of the tapesty I’m going to be doing needs a lot of concentration, and I’m watching The Bridge and need to read the subtitles, I do lines of the background using the gorgeous teal colour.

Here is my project this week:


Tapestry Project: Week 3

My tapestry project may not look like it has moved very far but I’m very happy with the way it is looking, bearing in mind I am lucky if I get an hour or so to work on it in the evenings after work and at weekends.

The background has been a labour of love which I’ve usually worked on while I’ve watched some of my favourite thrillers on TV that include subtitles, you know, where you have to look at the screen – often – to know what’s going on. I’ve worked the more complicated colour ways while I’ve watched more sedate programmes, where I don’t have to look at the screen and my tapestry at the same time!

I have to say, the tapestry frame I’m using is fantastic, allowing me to work with my back firmly supported by cushions. I can definitely recommend it if you are doing a big project like this.

Just like when I’m knitting, filling in colour and seeing projects come together is a fantastic feeling. The next cup and saucer has been challenging because the white used at the top is relying on me placing the stitches. I so want to get this cup finished so that I can move down to the next row.

My tapestry project.Tapestry Blog: Week 4

I thought I’d show you how my tapestry is developing. It was given to me by a friend. We have always talked about our dream scenario – running a tea shop and gallery by the sea.

I’d like to think my finished tapestery could hang on the wall in the tea shop or become a cushion on a sofa there. We’ll see…

How To do tapestry
So the top row of my tapestry is now complete and I have to say I am really thrilled with it. You’ll see I’ve gone straight into the middle cup and saucer of the second row as I fancy giving the colours a go. The great thing with a design like this is that you can choose which colour and section you fancy doing next – it isn’t too regimented.


Here are my tips for getting going on your own tapestry project


    • Use a frame on larger projects


    • Keep yarn shorter than you might think – I prefer the length from your work to your shoulder


    • When changing colours, bring new yarn through the last five stitches as you begin and then when you finish take yarn back five stitches – this secures the yarn nicely


    • Fill in smaller areas first – I tried it the other way round and it makes it tricky to find the hole if it’s say one stitch you are needing to do

I hope you are enjoying whatever project you are in the middle of or starting. If you’ve never done a tapestry before and enjoying sewing, do give it a go – it’s so lovely working with gorgeous colour yarns.