Make an easy autumn garland to decorate your home this year

Autumn leaf garland to make

Whether hung in a child’s bedroom or draped round a window, this decorative autumn garland by Cherry Menlove looks lovely and is so easy to make.

With this basic idea you can really personalise your design by picking your favourite colours or experimenting with the thread choice for the leaves. Why not have a go at using metallic threads for an extra sparkly finish?

Perfect for a more grown-up version of Halloween decorations, this garland is simple to put together but looks so impressive, which makes it our kind of craft project!

With simple step-by-step pictures you’ll have no problems producing your very own that looks just like the image above.

You could try adding acorn or little bird shapes for more variety, if you’re feeling extra ambitious and want to add another element of skill to your project.


  • Card for leaf templates
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • A selection of felt in a selection of colours
  • Contrasting embroidery threads
  • Needle
  • String or ribbon


1. Draw a variety of different leaf shapes onto the card and cut out.

2. Lay the leaf templates on to the felt (above) and use a pen to draw slightly bigger leaves than the template, creating pairs of each design.

3. Draw out about 24 leaves (or more of less as you wish) and cut out.

4. Use a contrasting embroidery thread to sew veins onto 12 of the leaves (above).

5. Sandwich the cardboard templates between two leaves and secure with a paperclip (above).

6. Sew all round the leaves using a blanket-stitch.

7. Sew the completed leaves to a length of string or ribbon, making sure that the leaves are evenly spaced out.

8. Then simply hang up the garland.

This decorative garland is from Cherry Menlove’s new E-book, Unique Party Ideas