Using brown paper as the basis, you can create wonderful wrappings with just a few ribbons, twine, jingle bells and foliage

Christmas Presents

You will need:

* Brown paper
* 12in pack of festive papers
* Twine
* Brown string
* Bells
* Pompom trim
* Wooden letters
* Paper pocket
* Gingham ribbon in red and green
* Green ric rac
* Jumbo crochet trim
* Self-adhesive crochet trim
* Mini wooden pegs
* Red and green felt
* Red and green buttons
* Brown and white gift tags
*Snowflake stamp and red ink
* Snowflake paper punch
* Bow embellishment
* Die-cut tags
* Hessian
* Silver, red, brown (or black) pens
* Scissors
* Glue
* Tape

1 Wrap lots of brown string around and around the parcel and fix on the underside with a piece of tape. Slide in a lovely sprig of foliage and berries.

2 Cut a piece of festive paper longer than the width of the parcel, and stick it in place, take it to the underneath and fix with either glue or tape. Cut a length of pompom trim and glue over the paper and around the parcel. Finally, stick on the recipient’s name with wooden letters.

3 Glue a festive paper pocket to the top of the parcel. Instead of criss-crossing the twine centrally, cross it off-centre, tying in a bow and adding a few jingle bells.

4 Stick two lengths of jumbo crochet trim, widthways and lengthways. Glue a length of green gingham ribbon across the crochet trim in one direction and a length of green ric rac the other direction. Finally, tie some twine with a bow in the middle.

5 Wrap three lengths of jute ribbon round the parcel and secure on the underside. Clip on a die-cut tag with a mini wooden peg.

Christmas wrapping ideas

Looking to try some new homemade Christmas wrapping ideas? We suggest using hessian

6 Cut two lengths of festive paper and stick them to the parcel front, overlapping them in the middle.

Take them to the underside and fix with either glue or tape. Wrap two lengths of twine diagonally and stick on the underside. Finish with a green bow embellishment in the centre.

7 Cut a piece of hessian smaller than your parcel, fray the edges and stick centrally. Wrap brown string around and around the parcel lengthways and either glue or knot on the underside.

Tie a piece of red gingham ribbon widthways and knot in the centre. Add a sprig of fresh foliage to finish it off.

Tag: Using a red pen, write the word ‘joy’ in a continuous line on a white gift tag. Glue a red star button above the writing.

8 Stick (or stitch) three buttons to a length of green gingham ribbon. Wrap round the parcel widthways and secure on the underside.

Stick a length of self-adhesive crochet trim round the parcel lengthways. Finally, clip on a die-cut tag with a mini wooden peg.

9 Use a snowflake rubber stamp and red ink to stamp motifs randomly over the whole parcel.

Tag: Cut out a snowflake shape with a paper punch, at the bottom of a brown tag. Stick a length of red gingham ribbon below, trimming off the excess.

Glue the recipient’s initial to a piece of red felt, cut out leaving a border round the edge and stick to the tag. Change the tag’s string to gingham ribbon.

10 Cut one length of festive paper and stick it to the parcel, taking it to the underside and fix with either glue or tape.

Wrap twine round the parcel, criss-crossing it in the centre then thread on a few jingle bells and knot to secure. Finish with a bow and trim off any excess.

Tag: Use a brown (or black) fine liner and, with your best swirly writing, handwrite ‘Merry Christmas’ onto a brown gift tag. Edge the writing with silver pen.

11 Stick two lengths of self-adhesive crochet trim to the parcel, crossing them over in the centre. Tie a long length of red gingham ribbon over the crochet trim and tie a bow in the centre.

Tag: Glue three small red buttons to a gift tag for the berries. Draw two holly leaves on to pale green felt, cut out and glue below the buttons.


*If you are planning to add fresh foliage to your wrappings, either choose something that won’t wilt by Christmas Day or snip it fresh that morning.
* If you prefer a simple option, try just adding a few jingle bells or fresh foliage to your gifts.

Christmas wrapping ideas

Shiny gold bells are one of the most timeless Christmas wrapping ideas