There’s no better time to get on board with a spot of arts and crafts than a bank holiday weekend.

While you’ll have plenty of things to do, people to see and kids to occupy, why not grab a few hours to sit down and relax with some knitting or embroidery?

If you’re looking to unleash your crafty side this weekend, then head to our Women’s Weekly Shop, where you can find lots of exciting craft projects waiting to keep you entertained.

Cross-stitch cushion fronts

Every now and then, it’s a good idea to make little tweaks to your home’s interior, whether it’s through major changes like fitting a new kitchen, or more subtle improvements like a new lampshade.

Why not give the appearance of your cushions a shake-up and cross-stitch a new set of covers for them this weekend? You’ll find it’s a highly therapeutic way of passing your time and at the end of it, you’ll have a great new accessory for your abode.

cross stitch covers womans weekly shop

There are a range of designs you can choose from, including those with a nature theme – a hummingbird, swallow or dragonfly – or we also have covers with a flowery pattern. What’s more, you don’t have to be an expert to knock one of these fronts up and with our kits, you’ll find everything you need to get started.

Toys to make

If your little ones’ toys are looking a little worn and dog-eared, or one of your friends has just had a baby, now is the time to sew them a delightful cuddly animal they can treasure throughout their childhood.

It’s all well and good buying kids toys they catch sight of in shops, but when a gift is homemade, it becomes even more special. And that’s not to mention it’s much cheaper!

womans weekly shop sewing bumble bee

You could make a bumble bee, an owl or a dog with long, floppy ears – whatever you decide to go with, make it your own by varying the colour of your thread and create a toy no high street shop will be able to rival. It’s worth bearing in mind you may need a suitable printing facility at your disposal so you are able to download the patterns and get going with your sewing project.

Embroidered tablecloth

Give your dining room a complete new look this weekend by setting aside some time to embroider a stylish tablecloth. Owning furnishings you are proud to show any guests to your abode will give you a great sense of achievement and it’ll make sitting down to a family meal at the end of the day a much more enjoyable experience.

womans weekly shop embroided tablecloths

With the summery and elegant designs you can browse online with Women’s Weekly, you’re able to get your dining room ready for summer parties and barbecues, something you’ll appreciate not having to worry about later down the line.

Or, if you know someone with a birthday coming up soon, a fabulous embroidered tablecloth would make for a stunning and unique gift.