Use an embroidery hoop as a simple storage solution for your crafty bits and pieces! You only need a few materials and basic sewing skills

Sewing hoop storage solution

If you’re always hunting for that pair of scissors, a ruler or your glue stick then this could be the craft storage solution you need!

With this handy hoop to keep all your bits and bobs together you’ll never lose those precious crafting tools again. We love the novel design, using an embroidery hoop to keep the theme very much in the rheum of crafting! You can use bright and clashing prints for a bold finish or plan, subtle colours for a more classic feel.

If you’ve got lots of crafting tools and materials then one craft ring might not be enough! You can make these in various sizes, depending on your needs, to fit all manner of different things. We like using a large one for storing scissors, rulers, tape and cutting knives and smaller ones for things like glue sticks, thread and stickers.

If you’ve got a crafty friend these could also make a lovely, thoughtful gift for them to store all their craft materials. They’ll love to receive a handmade present and it’s also a therapeutic and relaxing craft for you to do, one afternoon.


  • Two 30 x 25cm rectangles of fabric
  • Decorative tape
  • 10in-diameter embroidery hoop


1. Fold one rectangle of fabric in half, wrong sides facing, and position decorative tape along the fold, 5mm down from the edge. Top-stitch in place along the top and bottom of the tape.

2. Place folded fabric on remaining rectangle, matching raw edges. Stitch vertical lines to create various-sized pockets to hold scissors, a ruler, etc.

3. Place completed work in the hoop and tighten the tension until taut. Trim excess fabric around the edges, leaving enough to glue to the inside of the hoop edge.