Of course, it’s the thought that counts, but these creative ways to wrap Christmas presents will transform inexpensive tokens into gorgeous gifts

Decorate your gifts with a few original flourishes and really impress your family and friends.

Gift wrapping ideas for Christmas

There are so many interesting ways to wrap Christmas presents

Take Three Things…

Stack little gifts into a ribbon-tied pile to maximise their appeal.

We used square-sided soaps, and simply wrapped each soap individually in contrasting wrapping paper, stacked them, and tied them together with organza ribbon.

Adapt the same idea with small boxes of sweets, little books, lavender bags, or whatever
you choose.

Jewellery Boxes

We bought nine pairs of earrings for less than £2.

Yet presented in a pretty box, each pair looks worth so much more. Cover boxes with bright wrapping paper to turn any small gift into a fabulous-looking present.

You will need
* Box l Wrapping paper
* Double-sided tape (narrow for small boxes) l Ribbon trim
* Clear glue

To make

Place your box on the wrong side of the wrapping paper and draw round the base with a pencil.

Adding on twice the height of the sides to each side, mark out a second, larger rectangle around it and cut out.

Extend the long sides of the base outline up to the outer rectangle, then snip down these lines to corner points of base.

Place strips of double-sided tape round inner sides of box, just above base.

Standing box on base outline, fold up the long edges of paper, trim corners to leave a small overlap, then smooth down inner sides and stick to tape.

Fold over and stick short edges.

Cover a box lid in the same way. Run ribbons across lid, sticking ends to inner sides. Pleat another piece of ribbon to form mock bows (see photo), wrap a short piece around it, gluing to hold, and stick on top.

For earrings, cut a piece of card to fit box, cover with paper and make two holes with a darning needle or similar.

Gift wrapping ideas for Christmas
Three Great Gift Disguises

Full Of Surprises

Take a cracker, carefully undo one end and slip your gift inside. This works best with smaller items.

Hide And Seek

Hide an easy-to-guess gift, such as a CD or gift token, inside an old decorative tin. It will keep them guessing!

Sweet Treats

Turn someone’s favourite sweets into a longer-lasting gift by popping them inside a Kilner jar, or perhaps a mug or a vase.

We packed jars with bright foil-wrapped toffees.

To complete the gift, tie small baubles or beads to a gift tag, knot a pretty ribbon around the jar, thread on the tag, and tie ribbon into a bow.

Gift wrapping ideas for Christmas