This gorgeous pink and blue butterfly cushion cover is simple to create using a die cutter and some butterfly-shaped dies. Choose your own colour combination to go with your decor at home and this project is bound to impress.

You will need:


    • Die-cutting machine with base plate, cutting pad, metal shim


    • Butterflies A5 die set


    • A4 sheet pink felt


    • A4 sheet blue felt


    • Cushion pad


    • Cushion cover


    • Fabric glue


To make the cushion cover


1. Set up the die-cutting machine by folding down the sides and removing the cutting platforms. This will reveal a switch underneath that you simply slide into a locked position – this stops the machine from moving as you die-cut. Turn over the cutting platforms and place back on the machine so you have a flat and sturdy surface to work on.

How to use a die cutter | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Papercraft

2. Position the butterfly dies flat side down on the cutting plate. Lay a sheet of felt over the dies, followed by the metal shim and then the cutting pad.

Lay the felt on the die cutter | Woman's Weekly | Craft

3. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, adjust the depth gauge on the top of the machine to accommodate the die and material you’re cutting. For cutting felt turn it to 6. Changing the dial simply moves the rollers closer together or further apart to allow for thicker dies or materials to go through the machine.

Alter the depth gauge on the die cutter | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Papercraft

4. Push the plates into the machine, turning the handle to feed it through the rollers. Once the plates have gone all the way through, separate the plates and pop the cut felt out of the dies. Repeat until you have cut out approximately twenty butterflies.

5. Using fabric glue, attach the butterflies in a sweeping motion across the cushion cover. Allow them to dry before inserting a cushion pad.

Glue the die cut felt butterflies to the cushion cover | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Papercraft

Follow the step-by step instructions in our video above.

Butterfly die cut cushion | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Papercraft

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