Add a cosy and festive atmosphere to your home with these stunning lighting ideas to handmake yourself

Tea light craft idea

Frosted jars

This project will take you around 24 hour, including drying time.

Skill level: A bit more tricky

You will need:

✤ 3 jars
✤ Sticky-back plastic vinyl
✤ Paper and pencil
✤ Scissors
✤ Newspaper
✤ Ribbons or twine

1 Print out the word ‘JOY’ on the computer and place the printout on a piece of sticky-back plastic vinyl.

Use a pencil to draw round the letters, the pressure from the pencil will indent the vinyl.

2 Remove the paper, then carefully cut out the vinyl letters.

Wash the jars with soapy water.

Once they’re dry, stick the letters to the jars.

3 Working in a well-ventilated area, cover the surface with newspaper. Shake the can for about a minute then, following the manufacturer’s instructions, give each jar a thin coat of frosting.

4 Give the jars a few more coats of frosting, waiting for each coat to dry before applying the next. Once you’re happy with the coverage, carefully peel away the letters to reveal the clear glass.

5 Tie the ribbons, or twine, around the neck of each jar.

If you like attach berries, bells or foliage for added decoration. Then simply pop in a tea light and arrange on a mantel or facing out of a window for passersby to admire.

Sparkle teacups

Set aside 45 minutes to complete this make.

Skill level: Easy-peasy

You will need:

✤ Teacups and saucers
✤ PVA glue
✤ Paintbrush
✤ Glitter
✤ Tea lights
✤ Newspaper
✤ Tea lights

1 Clean out the teacups with warm soapy water and leave to dry. Protect your work surface with old newspaper. Mix some PVA glue with water in a pot, then apply to
the inside of the teacups.

2 Pour in some glitter, tilting the cup so that it sticks to the edges, too. Add more glitter if required. Place teacup to one side and leave to dry. Continue with the other cups, using different-coloured glitters.

3 Tip off the excess glitter on to a piece of paper, then pour back into the glitter pot.

4 Arrange the teacups on their saucers, then pop a tea light in each one. The flame bouncing off the glitter will give a gorgeous glow when the night draws in.

Tea light craft idea