Embroidery hoops can look so pretty gathered together to decorate a wall.

The small circular frames will keep your material taut as you stitch and if you leave your work clipped in, it’s the perfect way to show it off.

If you’re new to embroidery and don’t really know where to start, we’ve put together some top tips on how to embroider pretty pictures in thread.

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Here are our top 5 tips on how to embroider…

1. Use short lengths of thread to avoid knots

When working a large area, the cotton has a tendency to weaken and fray causing it to bunch and knot. Even though you’ll have to repeatedly thread your needle, it will be so much easier to embroider in the long run we promise!

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2. Create smooth curves with short stitches

Stitches sit best when working straight designs so when you embroider curves, it’s a good idea to use shorter stitches to help your design flow seamlessly.

3. Layer your fabrics

Double up on fabric in the areas you’re embroidering to disguise any unattractive needlework from showing through thin material. We suggest using a padded backing fabric to give your design a quilted look for that extra wow factor.

4. Use hoops or frames

Always use a hoop or frame to create a constant tension across your fabric and make working even stitches so much easier. Hoops tend to be used when embroidering small sections, like the type on this pretty needle case project. Large frames are used for bigger projects.

5. Take note of the colour

We’ve all been there – midway through a design we run out of thread only to find we can’t remember the colour! So it’s best to take note just in case. Cut a strip off the embroidery fabric and knot a small piece of each colour and label. Particularly helpful if tones are similar.

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