From adding detail with fresh foliage to cutting out simple motifs, we reveal some fun ways to wrap gifts this year

Fun ways to wrap gifts

We suggest getting creative when you wrap gifts this year

You will need:

✤ Selection of wrapping papers
✤ Brown paper
✤ Jute drawstring bag
✤ Baker’s twine
✤ Brown string
✤ Bells
✤ Selection of ribbons – plain, gingham and jute
✤ Jumbo crochet trim
✤ Red and green thin card
✤ Gift tags
✤ Alphabet stamps and ink pad
✤ Hessian
✤ Red pen
✤ Scissors
✤ Glue
✤ Tracing paper and pencil
✤ Mini pegs
✤ Wooden Christmas word tag
✤ A4 Xpress Die Cutting Machine
✤ A5 Die Set (14pcs) – Leaves
✤ Nesting Dies (5pcs) – Heart
✤ Nesting Dies – Rectangle Parenthesis
✤ Bow die from A4 Die
(3pcs) – Gift Bag and Tag

Die-cutting delicate leaves is a lovely way to decorate your presents. Team with crochet trim, twine and gingham ribbon for a rustic feel

Ways to wrap gifts

Get creative with die-cutting

1 Wrap your present using brown paper. Add two lengths of jumbo crochet trim, crossing them over in the middle and attaching at the back with glue or tape.

Take a length of red ribbon, overlap one length of crochet and glue at the back. Die-cut a selection of leaves from thin green card. Cut a twig shape from the green card, stick on the die-cut leaves and tuck under the red ribbon.

2 Tie a length of baker’s twine around the top of a hessian bag and add one die-cut piece of mistletoe.

3 Use a combination of wide ribbon, jute and gingham to create a layered look. Finish off with die-cut oak leaves and a gingham bow.

Cutting out simple motifs and incorporating them as part of the ribbon or twine is a simple but effective way of prettying up your parcels in a hurry

Ways to wrap gifts

Add detail to your wrapping paper this year

1 Wrap your parcel with glittered brown paper. Add a length of hessian off centre and attach on the underside with glue or tape.

Do the same with a length of red gingham ribbon. Die-cut (or cut freehand) three hearts from red card and make two tiny holes using the tip of a craft knife or a darning needle. Thread brown string through the holes, space the hearts out and layer over the ribbon, then glue at the back.

2 Using the mitten template (over the page), cut out a selection of mittens from red and green card. Make a small hole in each and thread through some baker’s twine. Wrap around the parcel and attach on the underside.

3 Wrap lots of baker’s twine round and round the parcel and fix on the underside with a piece of tape. Attach a wooden Christmas tag with a bow.

A graphic shape pasted to the front of a parcel can give a punchy effect – and it’s really easy to do

Ways to wrap gifts

Make a staement with a bold shape

1 Cut a piece of hessian smaller than your parcel, fray the edges and stick centrally. Wrap a length of gingham ribbon and attach underneath. Using a die-cutter, cut a scalloped background from red paper, using a nesting die.

Draw a stag head and use to cut from green paper, then stick centrally on the red background. Glue a length of baker’s twine to the stag’s neck and add a bow. Glue the whole thing over the hessian.

2 Wrap your parcel with stripy wrapping paper. Add a length of wide red ribbon along the centre and attach at the back with either glue or tape.

Die-cut three bows from brown paper, fold and glue them following the instructions – use a peg or paperclip to hold them together. Once they are dry, stick them centrally down the red ribbon, spacing them evenly.

3 Stick a thin strip of patterned paper around your parcel and glue underneath. Wrap baker’s twine and add a coupleo of jingle bells to the bow.

If you’re planning to add fresh foliage to your wrappings, either choose something that won’t wilt by Christmas Day or snip it fresh that morning

Ways to wrap gifts

A spring of foliage makes a pretty present decoration

Cut a piece of hessian smaller than your parcel, fray the edges and stick centrally. Wrap a length of gingham ribbon around and attach underneath.

Then wrap brown string round and round the parcel in the opposite direction and either glue or knot on the underside. Add a sprig of fresh foliage to finish it off.

Paper details don’t always have to be flat, and paper folding doesn’t need to be complex – here’s a great technique

Ways to wrap gifts

Paper folding doesn’t need to be complex

1 Wrap your present in shiny red paper. Cut two lengths of striped paper, wrap around the parcel, crossing them over in the middle, and attach on the underside with glue or tape.

2 Cut five 15 x 2cm pieces of striped paper, take one and glue the two short ends together to form
a loop. Do the same with all five then, once dry, stick all five loops together. Clamp the short edges together with a peg and leave to dry.

Push the tops of the loops to fan them out, snip off any excess at the base and attach to the centre
of the parcel with glue.