Cover eggs with your favourite fabric and place in between flowers for a pretty centrepiece

Easter egg decorating idea

Dress up your Easter table with these egg decorating crafts. Perfect for making with the kids, they’re really quick to complete.

‘If you don’t have fabric, use scraps of tissue and crepe paper instead,’ says Woman’s Weekly craft and home editor Esme Clemo.

You will need:

✤ Fabric scraps
✤ Polystyrene eggs
✤ Wooden skewers
✤ Glue brush
✤ PVA Glue
✤ Small plant pots
✤ Hessian fabric
✤ Hot glue gun
✤ Florist’s foam
✤ Florist’s moss
✤ Rosemary
✤ Narcissi
✤ Metal basket, for similar try John Lewis

1. Cut the fabric scraps into small squares and rectangular pieces. Pierce the base of the eggs with the wooden skewers and, using a brush, apply a thin coat of PVA glue all over the eggs.

2. Arrange the fabric cuttings on the eggs, leaving small gaps in between each piece to create a crackled effect. Brush more glue over the top of the fabric so that it sticks to the eggs. Put the skewers in an old jam jar or pencil pot to allow the eggs to dry.

3. Cover the plant pots with hessian, using a hot glue gun to secure it.

4. Place a piece of florist’s foam in the base of the plant pot and cover with florist’s moss. Press stems of rosemary and narcissi into the foam in a pretty arrangement. You might need to use a wooden skewer to make the hole, so as not to damage the flower stems.

5. Finish by pushing the eggs into the foam and displaying the pots in a metal basket.

Here’s an idea…

Remove the skewers and scatter the eggs on your Easter table – it’s a really wonderful way to show them off.

You could also decorate eggs by sticking small floral cut-outs from fabric, or wrapping paper, on with PVA glue. When finished, present them in a ceramic egg box

Egg decorating idea for Easter