Looking for wrapping ideas? This novel idea is perfect for a child's birthday present or as a fun craft project for kids

Paper hedgehogs

Don’t these little chaps just look adorable? With their inquisitive expressions and not-so-scary spikes we think anyone would be charmed to receive a gift wrapped like this!

When choosing the gift wrapping paper make sure not to pick anything to dark, otherwise you won’t be able to see the port little hedgehog’s face! If you do have your heart set on a darker paper then you could always illustrate the face with white paint and pompoms.

If you have to transport your package before giving it to the lucky recipient then just make sure to lift the hedgehog’s spikes back up for maximum effect!

This wrapping idea obviously works best with a square package, but if you’re feeling ambitious you could attempt it with an oval or round package, it might even look extra-realistic!

So, simply scroll down and follow the three super-simple steps to make your very own, unique hedgehog parcel!


    • Wrapping paper
    • Shiny wrapping paper
    • All-purpose glue
    • Black pompom
    • Dylon black 3D paint
    • Scissors
    • 6mm-wide double-side tape


1. Wrap your present, leaving one end open.

2. Use all-purpose household glue to stick a black pompom to the tip of the flap as a nose. Draw a pair of eyes with black 3D paint.

3. Cut triangles from shiny wrapping paper. Apply 6mm-wide double-sided tape to the right side of the short edge and fold back. Peel off the backing tape and stick the triangles to the present as the hedgehog’s spines.

And there you have it, a beautifully gift wrapped present in minutes. We bet you can’t wait to give it now and see the expression on the recipient’s fact. We think it might just be a big smile!