Use our clever, mix-and-match gift-wrapping ideas to make your presents stand out from the pack

Here are three ideas for these lovely themes.

Best buttons

1 Wrap your present and decorate one end of the parcel with a couple of strips of ribbon and affix to paper using glue or double-sided tape.

2 Gather a handful of mismatched buttons and brads, or beads and glue in a scattered formation on top of the present.

3 Cut a small rectangle from brown card, top with a smaller piece of lace and glue in place. Add a Santa hat cut from felt and a pompon. Make a hole in the top, thread with string and hook around a button to attach.

Gift wrapping ideas for Christmas

Super-quick tea-towel wrap

1 Put gift in the centre of a new tea towel and gather sides into a bunch.

Secure with an elastic band, then tie with cord, ribbon or lace to cover elastic band, and attach berry sprig.

2 Glue a rectangle of gift wrap on to a slightly larger piece of card and affix a Christmas sticker.

Gift wrapping ideas for Christmas

Stamp and stack

1 Decorate brown-paper gift boxes using a star stamp and a metallic ink pad.

2 Stack matching boxes and tie with raffia and ribbon, adding metal bells and fresh or faux berries or foliage.

3 Draw and cut out a bird shape from card or an old greetings card.

Thread string through button for the eye, then glue in place. Add a decorative snowflake.

Gift wrapping ideas for Christmas

Layer upon layer

1 Wrap your present in plain or decorative paper, adding a thinner strip of contrasting paper around the centre.

Edge thinner paper strip with lace. Secure everything with double-sided tape.

2 Glue or stick a decorative flower on to a ribbon and tie
on another decoration, such as a bird.

3 Cut out a small rectangle from brown card or use a luggage tag.

Decorate with a sparkly snowflake topper or sequins and attach with a mini wooden peg.

Gift wrapping ideas for Christmas

Lace and letters

1 Pick a vintage-look gift wrap, or use plain brown or recycled paper. Tie up with lace trim tied in a bow.

2 Slide an antique heart decoration and a few ivy leaves through the ribbon before tying it.

3 Use a mini luggage tag, or cut one from card, and team with a mini wooden letter tag in the initial of the recipient.

Thread with thin, matching string. You could use a computer print of letters in the font and size of your choice, cut out and stick to the tag.

Gift wrapping ideas for Christmas

Quick ideas

1 Fill a vintage tin or glass jar with sweets, soaps, or potpourri. Tie with ribbon from top to bottom, leaving long ends draping and dress the lid with faux mini roses.

2 Draw a butterfly from decorative paper or card and cut out.

3 Use a Christmas decoration as a tag, painted with the recipient’s name, and hang round neck of a jar.