Use scraps of paper to create these simple and attractive handmade cards

These cards will look very special in anyone’s home.

Collage Christmas Tree

You will need
● 13 x 18cm brown card blank
● A selection of different patterned papers
● Pencil
● Scissors
● Glue

1 Enlarge the tree template (far right) by 200% on a photocopier and cut out.

Using our photograph as a guide, use a pencil to draw scallops on to the tree shape – each section you draw will be a different piece of paper.

2 Cut out the sections of the tree, then use them as templates to draw round on the back of your chosen papers. Cut out the shapes.

3 Arrange the papers in order on the front of your card. Once you are satisfied, stick them all in place starting from the trunk and working up.

4 Either write or stamp your festive message on to white paper and stick it to a piece of coloured paper to frame it.

Finally, glue it just below the trunk of the tree.

Christmas tree templateTypography Card

You will need
● 10cm square white card blank
● 3 x different patterned papers
● Green paper
● Pencil
● Scissors
● Glue

1 Enlarge the typography templates (below, right) by 200% on a photocopier and use them to cut out the festive words from three different patterned papers.

2 Arrange on the card front, using our photograph as a guide. Once you are happy with the arrangement, glue in place.

3 Cut two stars from green paper and glue either side of the word ‘Joy’.

If you use wrapping paper with text on it, you can cut out one of the festive messages to use on your card.


Mini Star Card

You will need
● 5.5 x 6.5cm white card blank (or cut one to size)
● Two patterned papers
● Button
● Scissors
● Glue

1 Enlarge the star templates by 400%, twice, on a photocoper. Cut away outer frame from one, then use to cut stars from two different patterned papers.

2 Stick the small star to the large star, then glue to centre of the card.

3 To finish, glue a button to the centre of the star.

Star TemplateButton Tree

You will need
● 15 x 10cm white card blank
● 14 round buttons
● 1 star button (optional)
● Papers in brown, pink and green
● Tracing paper and a pencil
● Scissors
● Glue

1 Cut a 7 x 0.5cm strip of brown paper for the trunk. Then either draw 10 curly branches, or cut them out freehand from brown paper, varying the lengths and the widths.

2 Cut out a 3 x 2cm pot from pink paper, cutting it slightly narrower towards the bottom. Trace off the star template (below) and cut from green paper.

3 Arrange all the paper pieces on the card front. Once you are happy with the arrangement stick them all in place.

4 Finally, stick buttons to the branches and a star button within the paper star at the top of the tree.