Find out how to applique a cushion and brighten up your home in just a few simple steps


How to appliqué a cushion


Learn how to applique a cushion with this simple guide. By using patterns that are already featured on a fabric you can easily, and quickly, create pattern  without having to design fiddly pictures yourself.

 You can do this method of applique by hand or on the machine, depending on what you prefer and what equipment you have. Sometimes doing applique by hand is nice because you can take it anywhere with you and do a little bit here and there when you get the time.

We’ve used cupcakes in the example above but you can use any pattern, picture or shape you like. Floral motifs often give a lovely finish too, or you could even try animals. Use a brightly coloured thread to help your stitching stand out and give your finished cushion a lovely homemade look.


    • Plain cushion
    • Fabric
    • Pins
    • Contrasting sewing thread


1. Find a fabric with graphic motifs you love — we used cupcakes — and cut around the chosen motifs.

2. Next, remove the cushion pad from the cover and arrange the cut-out motifs across the middle of the cover.

3. Pin in place. Using a contrasting thread, and taking care not to catch the cushion-cover back, straight stitch (by machine or hand) around the motifs 5mm from the edge.

4. Remove pins, press and replace the cushion pad.

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