This gorgeous miniature chest of drawers will look lovely displayed in a hallway or on a surface elsewhere in the house

Take a look below at our step-by-step guide on how to decoupage your mini drawers – it looks great and is such an easy way to give old furniture an update. Plus, everyone needs a set of drawers like this to keep all those vital bits and pieces to hand!


    • Mini chest of drawers set
    • Spray paint primer
    • Spray paint (your chosen colour)
    • Decoupage paper
    • PVA glue
    • Scissors
    • Sharp craft knife
    • Decoupage varnish (optional)


1. Remove the drawers from the chest and place pieces on a protected surface.

2. Lightly spray an even coat of primer over all parts.

3. Once dry, spray a coat of your chosen colour. Leave to dry between coats and apply more coats until you have an even base of colour. Leave to dry completely overnight.

4. Make a template of the drawers by measuring the front and adding 5mm to all sides – making sure you mark the centre position of the knob on the template with a small hole.

5. Lay the template on the reverse of the wrapping paper, draw around and cut out, again marking the centre spot. Make a small incision at the marked spot, then snip all round it to allow the knob to go through without tearing the paper.

6. Apply a thin layer of PVA glue to the front of the first drawer, taking it 5mm over the edges. Stick down the paper, smoothing out any bumps with a clean cloth.

7. Repeat this process for each drawer.

8. Once dry, trim any excess paper around the knobs with a sharp craft knife.

9. You may also want to apply a thin layer of découpage varnish to protect the paper before leaving to fully dry.

Voila! Beautifully updated drawers that look brand new – enjoy!