We show you how to master the French knot in this simple tutorial how-to

Teacup Embroidery

Whether you’re experienced or new to craft and sewing, this guide is a great way of checking you’re on track and that the end result is as beautiful as you intended it to be.

Making the perfect French knot is notoriously tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you’ve mastered this stitch you won’t look back, it’s like riding a bike and you’ll never forget the technique after a couple of practice runs.

If this is your first time at trying a French knot then we suggest you read through the instructions first, before starting with your needle and thread. Once you think you’ve understood the steps then you’re ready to have a go on some fabric. It might take a few times to get the flick of the wrist that is needed for this particular stitch but you’re sure to get there in the end!

French knots make lovely patterns when combined with other embroidery stitches. They almost look like mini roses, and can also be used to illustrate the centre of other flowers. Perfect for the floral-lovers amongst us.

So, if you want to have a go, all there is to do now is to follow the guide below. Enjoy!

How to do a French knot

1. To do this stitch you need to bring the thread up through the fabric, hold it with thumb and first finger of your left hand and turn the needle round it once or twice, or as necessary. Still holding the thread firmly with your left hand, turn the needle and reinsert it close to the point where it first emerged.

2. Pull the thread taut so the knot slides down the needle to touch the fabric, then release as the needle goes through the fabric leaving the knot on the surface, see below: