Learn how to do chain stitch with our easy guide below, it’s quick, easy and perfect for using on toy’s faces

In this guide, we’re showing you how to do chain stitch, which is one of the stitches used to create the embroidered faces above. In much the same kind of design, chain stitch is perfect for embroidering faces onto toys, for their mouths.

The basis of chain stitch is that you loop your stitch through the small loop made in the step before, doing this the whole way down to create a chain-look. This stitch is notoriously tricky so don’t be put off if you don’t get it first time, it’ll take a bit of practice to master, and that’s ok!

The first couple of times you do this stitch it will probably look a bit messy, but once you’ve got the technique under you belt you’ll be able to do it quickly and neatly.

Like with satin stitch, chain stitch uses a lot of thread, so make sure to load up your needle with plenty of thread if you’re going to have a go at this one.

So, why not have a go now? Follow our simple guide below to make your own chain stitch.


Here is a picture of the the stitch:

Woman's Weekly Stitch Guide: How to do chain stitch.1. To do the stitch you need to bring the needle out at the end of your stitching line. Reinsert at the same point and bring out a short distance away,  looping the thread around the needle tip. Pull thread through.

2. To begin next stitch, insert needle at the point at which it last emerged, just inside loop of previous chain, and bring out a short distance away, again looping thread around the needle.

There you have it, easier than you first though we bet!

Once you feel confident with this stitch, have a go at lazy daisy stitch to broaden your embroidery repertoire.