Welcome to our cross stitch guide, where we bring you clear illustrations and explanations for cross stitch, to help you with your craft projects


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Looking for tips on how to cross stitch? You’ve come to the right place!

If you’re experienced, this cross stitch guide will be a great way of checking you’re on track; if you are a beginner, with the whole world of craft ahead of you, it will help you embark on projects that can give you so much enjoyment.

Cross stitch is one of our favourite sewing stitches, as it gives such lovely results, really quickly. It’s so simple that it’s even a good one to teach children, to get them familiar with sewing, holding their needle, and doing a project from start to finish.

WIth so many possible cross stitch patterns to choose from, there’s no way you could possibly get bored of this simple and delightful stitch. Once you’ve finished your cross stitch you could turn it into a cushion, or even frame your masterpiece to hang on the wall!

How To Do Cross-Stitch


How to Cross Stitch

Cross-stitches can be worked either individually or in rows. It doesn’t matter which direction you work in, but make sure the bottom halves of all stitches slope in the same direction, so the top halves will do the same.

To work either individual stitches or rows, bring the needle through at the lower left-hand point, and insert one block up (or two threads up) and one block to the right, forming a diagonal stitch. Bring the needle up one block down. Either complete an individual stitch, or continue ion this way to form a row of half stitches, then work back, finishing the upper half of the crosses, as in the diagram above.

Sewing tip: To start or finish using a thread, leave a tail of about 2in and sew it under your stitches to secure it.