This sweet lazy daisy stitch is perfect for adding a special touch to embroidery projects

Lazy daisy stitch project | Woman's Weekly | Craft | EmbroideryWelcome to our Woman’s Weekly stitch guide focusing on how to do lazy daisy stitch. A great addition to anyone’s embroidery repertoire, whether you’re a confident needleworker or a beginner, it’s a quick way to create petal-like stitches to form floral motifs. It’s a simple variation of the chain stitch, so it’ll be easy to master and start putting to good use on your projects if you have already mastered the basic chain stitch.

This is a great stitch to teach children when they’re learning to sew as they’ll love the quick and easy pattern it produces, encouraging them to get more interested in progressing.


1. Bring your embroidery needle up through the centre of where you want your flower to be, reinsert your needle beside this point (like the picture below) and pull the thread part way through.

How to lazy daisy stitch | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Embroidery | Stitch Guide 2. Now bring your needle up through the fabric where you want the edge of your petal to be. Using your needle, lasso the loop of thread at the centre and complete a small stitch (like in the picture) to secure the petal in place.

3. Continue in a circular motion until all your petals resemble a flower.

That’s really all there is to it, simple isn’t it?

Once you feel confident with this embroidery stitch, take a look at our other stitch guides to start chain stitching and more!

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