Quilling is a lovely and inexpensive papercraft to learn, we show you how to do it below

You will need a quilling tool to get started, and some special quilling paper, but once you’ve invested in these inexpensive basics you’ll be able to make all sorts of lovely cards, gift tags and decorations.


    • Light brown, light pink, light green, lemon, brown and red 5mm quilling papers
    • Quilling tool
    • Cocktail stick
    • PVA glue
    • 10 x 5.5cm rectangle of white card
    • A5 sheet of blue striped card
    • Double sided tape


 1. Coil three relaxed coils from 18cm lengths of light brown quilling paper. Glue the ends using a cocktail stick to apply PVA glue. Pinch one side of the coils to a point. Pinch the other side of the coils 1cm apart to form triangular ice cream cones. Glue the cones in a row on the white card with the short edges of the cones 2.5cm below the long upper edge of the card.

 2. Make three tight coils from 19cm lengths of light pink, light green and lemon quilling paper for the ice cream scoops. Glue the scoops in a pyramid above each cone.

 3. Coil one relaxed coil from a 7.5cm length of brown quilling paper. Glue the end to the coil. Squeeze the coil flat to make a ’99’, glue to the light pink ice cream.

 4. Make one relaxed coil from a 5cm length of light brown quilling paper. Glue the end to the coil. Pinch one side of the coil to a point to make a tear drop shape for the wafer, glue to the light green ice cream.

 5. Make three tight coils from 5cm lengths of red quilling paper for the cherries. Dent across the cherries with the blade of a pair of scissors. Glue the cherries to the lemon ice cream.

 6. Score and fold the striped card in half parallel with the short edges. Stick the white rectangle to the front of the striped card with double sided tape.