We’re looking at satin stitch to help you get beautiful embroidery, filling large spaces of fabric with intricate and colourful stitching How to do a satin stitch.

Whether you are an experienced sewer or brand new to craft, checking your stitches or adding to the stitches you can do will mean you can take on sewing and embroidery projects that require more skill.

Satin stitch is a row of stitches in embroidery or sewing that are all sewn up, close together to cover a whole section in thread. With the neat, tight stitches lying flat together it gives a smooth satin-like effect.

It’s worth remembering that you’ll need plenty of thread if you’re going to do satin stitch as you’ll be working closely, working through your thread really quickly.

We used satin stitch to create some of the pattern on this magnificent decorated elephant cushion. All the different coloured threads create a fantastic effect on a plain grey fabric. Copy our design or use your imagination to make a bright and original accessory.

Whatever you choose to use satin stitch on it will look neat and professional, and that’s why we love this stitch so much.


Take a needle and thread, keeping the thread long.

Work straight, parallel stitches closely together to cover an area – there should be no gaps between stitches. Try to keep all the edges smooth and just taught enough to ensure all your stitches lie flat. You can make satin stitch in any shape, simple vary the lengths of each stitch, see below:

How to do a satin stitch.

So, what will your next satin stitch project be? We love seeing what you’ve been up to. If you’ve made something recently with satin stitch (or even if it’s something else!) then you can send it in to us via this simple online form. All you have to do is upload an image, tell us a little bit about your project, and then it’ll come straight through to us. We look at every single one and really do enjoy seeing all the clever things you make! Sometimes we even feature reader’s makes on our website or Facebook page, so keep an eye out for a familiar project if you send us a picture.