Whip stitch is a great, quick finishing stitch. We show you how to master it in just three simple steps

Whip Stitch on Frog Slippers | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Sewing | Embroidery

Here we bring you our Woman’s Weekly guide and best tips on how to whip stitch. It’s a really handy stitch to know if you’re creating a seam in two pieces of fabric or joining two finished edges together. It’s the ideal hand stitch to use when making stuffed animals like the fabulous Frog Slippers above!

Quick and easy to do, it won’t take long to master how to do a whip stitch, but once you know how you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it before!

Have a go, using the below instructions and image to guide you. We’re sure you’ll pick it up in no time at all.


1. Starting between the two pieces of fabric to hide your securing knot, insert the needle at a right angle and draw the needle through to the top layer.

2. Insert the needle into the bottom layer of fabric, slightly to the left of the first stitch, and bring up through both piece of fabric.How to Whip Stitch with Woman's Weekly Stitch Guide | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Sewing | Embroidery

3. Continue to work from the right to the left until the two edges are joined. Slanted stitches will be produced, which can be short or long depending on how close together your stitches are.

There you have it, a quick and professional-looking whip stitch. What will you use this stitch for? Send us pictures of any projects you’ve been working on recently. Upload an image here and we will be sure to look at it! And, sometimes we even share your images on our Facebook or website, so make sure to keep checking back to see if yours is featured.

The Frog Slippers at the top of this article were featured in our November 2014 issue of Love To Make  which is available from our back issues department. Call 01733 385170