Get crafty with your little ones this holiday with our fun makes using washi tape

Washi tape to make a bookmark

These fun projects are so simple, they’re a great way to get creative with the kids over the holidays. Get inventive with the bookmark characters, play around with the washi tape colours on the alphabet letters and make a mess in the kitchen decorating a freshly baked cake!

Washi tape bookmark

How to make a washi tape bookmark

You will need


    • Lolly sticks


    • Selection of washi tapes


    • Scissors


    • Embroidery thread (or wool)


    • Thin card


    • Stick-on embellishments


    • Black fine pen


    • Ribbons and string


    • Button, string of beads and a paper clip (for the granny)


    • Silver paint (for the robot)


How to make washi tape bookmarks

1. Using the photo as a guide, make lolly stick characters with pieces of washi tape to decorate.

2. Cut lengths of embroidery thread or wool to make the hair, draw on faces with a fine pen and embellish the sticks with paint, ribbons and bows. You could even create a pair of glasses out of a paper clip!

Washi tape alphabet

How to make a washi tape alphabet

You will need


    • Mâché letters


    • White paint and a brush


    • Selection of washi tapes


    • Scissors

1. Give the mâché letters a coat of white paint and set aside to dry.

2. Cut off strips of washi tape and wrap around the letters, overlapping them and leaving some of the white paint showing through. The tape has a low tack, so they can be repositioned very easily.

Washi tape cake bunting

How to make a washi tape cake bunting banner

You will need


    • Selection of washi tapes


    • String


    • Scissors D


    • Black marker pen D


    • Two straws


How to make the washi bunting

1. Fold strips of washi tape in half, sandwiching in a length of string. Cut a small ‘V’ into each piece of washi tape and use a marker (or relief) pen to add a letter.

2. Tie the string to the top of two straws, then push them into your cake at a slight angle. Trim the string and present with joy!